“Ndilibe size Gwamba anaborna”-Krazie G

Mz Pre-valentine show analysis

By Chifundo Zingunde

Long time ago, revered reggae icon, Bob Marley once said, “Without Music, life would have been a mistake.” 37 years later, the iconic voice still rings a bell. And life indeed would have been meaningless to largely an urban multitude that braced the Saturday chilly weathers at Mzuzu Tourist Lodge where the big five; Martse, Krazie G, Kell Kay, Toast, and Charisma dished out probably one of the finest shows ever in recent times (in the city).

Dubbed the Pre-Valentine Show, the concert was purely a master class starting from the overall organization, the reception, the dazzling performances from the visiting quintet, and the security around the premises…all these sugar-coated the already spicy menu at the Mzuzu Tourist lodge.

That there was another free urban music show just a stone throw away was like a joke nobody could laugh.

The Mzuzu Pre-Valentine show was on a cloud of its own. So, what made it tick?

Line up (Out of this world)

The amalgamation of some of the country’s finest in the urban planet in the likes of the earlier highlighted heavyweights, plus some of the city’s (Mzuzu) crème de la crème in Homage, Trizzah, and Sprite dancing winners (from the north) Jazzment created a scintillating atmosphere. Good thing is, nobody was left disappointed. The performance left many itching for more.

Tattooed rapper, Toast left many in awe; myself inclusive. Truth be told, I gave him minimal chances of astounding the audience, but there he was; every Frank and Mercy who were part of the patrons could not control their bodies any longer but shook their bodies to his tunes.


Madness Entertainment’s Charisma, too, did not disappoint. He indeed lived to his billing that Ghetto “simasunga kape”. He proved to the world that the dreadlocked rapper is more than just a man enough minus his Kubanda hit.


Krazie G. There must be a reason he is known as King Katakwe. Mzuzu urban music lovers could bare testimony. This is one of the lethal lyrical assassins to have ever graced the land. Small in stature but lyrically aggressive. He spat bars like crazy. One of such lines, Ndilibe size, Gwamba anaborna made him a darling to many.

Krazie G

Kell Kay. Let me call him, Ladies favorite. On countless occasions, I have been watching females shedding their tears on the sight of their beloved singers on stage; I never ever thought I could witness such an occurrence in my life time. Thanks to Mzuzu Pre-Valentine Show, and thanks to Mr Kell Kay, I witnesses that. You did not need a second conviction for you to acknowledge that the Mr Yesu Hit maker is indeed the award winning RnB icon.

Kell Kay

Whoever had listened to the man of today, tomorrow, and the other day, Martse’s lines in Levels remix (By Malinga Mafia and friends), “zaudolo wanga pano isakhale fuso” could indeed attest that this young man is another gem in the local urban music industry. Martse gave his best, and proved that he is one of the big shots domineering the M-dubz urban music.


At last, I sensed satisfaction from the fans.

Audience involvement (superb)

When an artist jumps on stage, most commonly uttered phrases are “thank you!” or “I love you guys” or “whatever”. But it seems, the Big 5 had its house in order. It learned to vitalize the crowd. In all what the Big Five did, it involved the audience; the audience felt honoured. It felt part of the action…Singing, dancing, you name it!

One or two spectators were called on stage to join the stars performing… this is exactly what drives the patrons wild!! I remember when Kell-Kay called on two ladies to compete on who could wiggle better than the other…people voted. The fans were connected.

Security (on point)

I have visited various urban Music shows in the Green City. The sight of Malawi Police Officers in the line of duty is very rare; a situation that more often than not, results in premature curtail of these shows. At the Mzuzu Pre -Valentine gig, I never felt safer; it was one of the safest places you could spend your day at. The Macho men, plus the Police Officers on duty back then made me feel at home.

Crowd control was also superb. Despite the mammoth crowd, each one of us was at peace; watching the event as they unfolded.


The Mc missed it somewhere as he let his fellow come in to rescue his stage absence. Although the former was adept at coaxing fans to dance to the tunes, allowing his fellow (who lacked the skill of public speaking to take charge) killed the hype of the show.

Anyway, AK on the board fixed it with his Music fuse when no one was there for update, “Kumuvetsa kuwawa”.

Men in Uniform should not get too easily carried away

Mind you, men in uniform, the pepper spray should be kept in pockets; hold it for a necessity. There was a moment when Martse and Kell Kay were on stage, as expected, fans tempted to invade the stage. Instead of using other safer means, the Police sprayed their gaseous arsenal which almost spoiled the fun as the two artists were also momentarily annihilated.


FANS’ Reactions

At the end of it all, is ought fans’ reactions on the concert. There feedback explained it all.

“The patronage was awesome! What you saw are the people or the audience that are always expected; we have a good reception as fans, we enjoyed every minute of the show. We didn’t waste our monies; we invested and we have gained the happiness” –Jayson Mataka ( Music Enthusiast )

“If by choice one didn’t come you just missed the real entertainment. Aside our (my) performing I have enjoyed the performance so far, I can’t wait for Martse” Rashid Msosa (Jazzment dancer) performed just after Kell-Kay as the fans waited for Martse to give his best.

“This is what we want in Mzuzu; artists should give us a performance worthy our monies, this event was awesome” – Chawanagwa Phiri (Part of the audience)

Just take a look at what was the Pre-Valentine Show at Mzuzu Tourist Lodge,  from the photos below,

kell kay

Krazie G




Trizah Titus



Fans dancing to music before the show began



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