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By Philes Davis

Time. How time flies!! It literally feels like yesterday when the Sexy Diva opened her mind to be sharing some lifesaving, rather love saving tips via this column. Well, as time flies, so are our years. We’re no longer kids. We’re all growing up. The Curvy Sexy Diva is no exception.

Growing up is a time when we’ve to seriously consider our decisions on whatever steps we take. The decisions we can make today shall have long term consequences both positively and negatively. This is why it’s desirable to take our time before we take some steps regarding our life journeys.

One of those steps involve choosing our happily-ever-after Prince Charming. Girls, let’s be careful. We shouldn’t easily be taken up with his six pack, neither should we be falling for his riches. So before you actually finally say Yes to him, you need to do some basic soul-searching about his Boo-to-be.

Useless as they may seem but some of the basic questions below can guide you into understanding the nature of a ‘monster’ that you may fall into.  So, dear ladies, have a quick chit-chat with your potential what-what so you can fully understand who he is. It may save you fortune.

  1. What makes him happy?

If it’s a relationship, then your partner’s happiness must be your number one priority. Period! If he’s not happy, there’s no way you can move forward as an item. Knowing what brings a smile unto your partner-to-be’s face can assist you know which button to press once you’re an item. The opposite also applies.

  • What makes him sad

Directly related to the first point it knowing what pisses him off or what makes him down. These can assist you, my princess, to know when is the right time to press the brake button. You see, you should be able to know when to do what. Remember, the goal is to be happily-ever-after. So prior knowledge can you’re your ass.

  • How he handles sadness

It’s good to know before you get mauled by some rabid monsters. Some dudes just don’t know how to tame their anger nor sadness. They usually resort to transferring whatever is troubling their minds unto the closest homo sapien. In the same way, others just don’t wanna be disturbed…call it male chauvinism of some sort…but whatever it is, it’s good to know in advance so you can know when to take cover, or when to mute

  • How he bends it

Love is a two-way communication. A love relationship can’t exist if the two of you are not communicating frequently. You need to be updating each other so you can be at the same par in your life escapades. Communication mean discussing how you would want something to be done, or how you’re up to in life, what your goals are etc.

  • His embarrassing moments

Who says life is all about serious business? At times, you can share lighter moments by asking each other some silly stuffs…smiling so they say, is the most effective therapy for stress. Such trivia as his most embarrassing moments dies give him an indication that you’re so much interested in him.

Well, Dear Sexy Divas, I hope you’ve already find a true love…or you’re in pursuit of one. Tell you what? 2020 is your years. You’re gonna hook one. Believe that!!



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