By Walusungu Munthali

While other ladies are in a chase for attention, and slaying on their social media is their favorite play, uncrowned Dancehall queen, Beanca Wadada has echoed calls for fighting for girl-child rights in new hit, “Voice”.

Inspired by the real life story of her encounter with an undisclosed lady from her neighborhood, Beanca exposes the barbaric modus operandi of Malawians who are fond of frowning upon ladies who give birth outside wedlock.

The personal in the song or rather the undisclosed person encountered, is raising a child on her own while she still has a heart to purse her dreams.

According to the singer, the Voice speaks for a girl who is enslaved by the struggles to achieve her dreams but she has been condemned by the society because she had a baby at tender age.

“There is this girl inside this song who wants to speak out and follow her dreams, but she does not have that freedom. She feels like she can ask people to help her get her freedom but society has already condemned her,” she said.

Beanca alias Precious Kapachika added on that, “The persona has a kid and she wanna go back to school but society is pushing her to quit the studies and concentrate on nurturing her child,” she explained.

Voice, which premier on 05th February, is a song which has a huge impact on our societies to which critics argued that the song should have been premiered on nation radio courtesy of its rich lyrical-punchlines.

By the end of the day, Beanca dreams of seeing a new Malawi in which ladies accomplish their goals.

“I want to see change, I want to see my fellow women accomplishing their goals with confidence knowing that world is with them. Like the woman in my song, I asked her if she could allow me to be her voice. I was glad to hear that no matter what she’s going to find a way to go back to school.” She said.

Voice is still being promoted to reach out to many young ladies, even though not confirmed the singer teasingly said she would make plans for a music video.



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