To whom it may concern.

Be creative or forget of changing the game


“Game tayiponyera kuthambo za magetsi”- Fredokiss

More are the albums in the pipeline. Artists pushing their music on the corner as others are trying hard to fit in as we hit a new fiscal year, business wise. Who’s hot and who’s not? Who is toppling the charts? Who is losing it anyway? And what about the scandals?

As your SCC has to congratulate those who have managed to stay up and survived the cold weather, for others, yes! Business is booming. To others, it’s the same old thing. However, what strikes my heart is the following of trends, lack of artistical identity and the copy cat’s syndrome that has flooded the urban musical scene. It has reached a stale point, I don’t know if it’s the pressure to make a name for oneself or if it’s just lack of direction?

Just imagine, you watch and listen like 12 songs and they all sound the same, the beats are like all made in Nigeria. Of course they are trendsetters but can we say that they are the only people you can get inspiration from? Have we become so desperate that even our dressing is becoming Nigerian? Shame! An artist is called shasky, and you hear the next artist is called Basky. Seriously? Of all names?

Nevertheless, there is a crop of up and coming artists who try to introduce their name in the game by sounding like an artist who just made a name like yesterday, same content…inspire me please! You mean the alphabet has run out of letters for you guys to come up with a dope name? This is crazy, and it is getting out of touch and out of hand.

No wonder I hear those who are established are able to challenge you up and coming artists that the game is way up for you guys to reach. Your childishness is making the game dormant, and no wonder there is no crowd puller shows these days. You walk down or up town, there is no news of who is making it big when it comes to live concerts. Of course, apart from you-know-who and his entourage, because atleast them organize free shows and they have muscles to push their music right?

Meanwhile, enough is enough and to quote the trending phrase “UMUDZIWE YESU” Know Jesus or you need Jesus? Find a better scheme for you to blow up, otherwise your current strategy of making it or marking your name in this industry is too shady to be slim. The choice is yours, either you are going down before you reach up or Cape Diem!



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