Bathro Condemns Forced Marriages in new hit, “Mundileke”


By Walusungu Munthali.

One of the unsung youthful gospel artists, Bathro has urged the youths to stand up for their rights against forced marriages in his new inspiring single, Mundileke.

The song is dedicated to the young generation as he advises them not to join the bandwagon blindly and is set for release on Monday, 9th July 2018.

Having noted that society plays a major role in high rate of forced marriages in the country, Bathro, a lecturer at Mzuzu University, believes he has a role to shape the country’s young generation. He reveals this has been his major inspiration to composing Mundileke.

“As a lecturer who likes to observe what goes around my society, I have noted that many people are marrying because society expects them to,” he said.

The inspirational song has seen Bathro, real name Mathews Lambulira featuring another youthful up and coming artist, Royal Star. According to Bathro, the choice of Royal Star, was on purpose.

“I chose Royal Star because I like promoting budding talents either financially or helping them compose music or through initiatives like this,” he said.

Mundileke | Artwork

Meanwhile, Bathro has also revealed that he has a record label, My Challenge, which is promoting raw talents in various disciplines.

“I have a talent label which promotes young artists at Mzuzu University and outside the varsity,” he added on.

Bathro, 28, is not not only a gospel singer but also a motivational speaker and he says he plans to conduct various outreach programs to motivate the youths.

“I will start a reach out programs in rural areas motivating youths. As a young person who has managed to achieve some things in life I would love to share my experiences with fellow youths and encourage them that it’s time we become leaders. Youths are no longer leaders of tomorrow but rather of today,” he added.

Currently, Bathro is composing songs in readiness for a full album to be released later.



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