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  • Phyzix’ IOE rolls out Balaka Got Talent Musical show

By Gibson C Kamanga.

One successful up and coming artist from Balaka has a chance of fulfilling their musical dream by having a collabo with legendary, Phyzix should they win Balaka Got Talent musical competition which, It’s Only Entertainment, has rolled into action last weekend.

The competition, a brainchild of Phyzix’ record label, It’s Only Entertainment, is to be run for five months in which every month end, there is going to be an eviction courtesy of the three judges, themselves legends in the game, Phyzix, Barry Uno, and Hyphen.

That aside, the successful winner will smile home K300, thousand richer, courtesy of It’s Only Entertainment.

The show has started on 29th April 2018 at Mlambe Motel and was witnessed by multitudes of youths not only from Balaka but from as far as Zomba, Machinga, Ntcheu, and Mangochi. It is to be run for five months in which every month end, some budding artists will be evicted until the up and coming King/Queen is crowned.


Deciphering Balaka Got Talent

This is a musical talent show in which raw talents from Balaka are battling it out; showcasing their lyrical and stage prowesses under the radar of the earlier stated three judges. At the end of every show, some of the competitors will miss the bus with others proceeding to the next round until the winner is identified.

Such is going to be an everyday phenomenon every month end from April all the way to July or thereabouts.

Already, during the maiden show, out of the 25 up and coming artists who had registered for the showpiece (and performed), 7 were given the boot; leaving 18 to tussle it out for the crown of King, or Queen of Budding artists in the district.

Balaka Got Talent is a handiwork of It’s Only Entertainment, a record label under the steership of one of the country’s all time rap legends, Phyzix. According to the K.OT.G star, the talent show is walking the talk for IOE.

“IOE aims at nurturing young talents and build the Malawian entertainment industry. As you know, the future of this country belongs to such young talents,” he explained.

Barry Uno

Why Balaka?

The choice of Balaka as the paradise for this auspicious event was rather interesting. As Phyzix recalls, it was the bond between a performer and his audience that has given birth to Balaka Got Talent show.

“We did a (musical) show last year in Balaka. The love and interest (from the people of Balaka) to work with us perhaps help in a way was so overwhelming. We just had to give back to them as a token of appreciation,” he reminisces.

Of course, as Phyzix has observed, IOE could not have managed to support each of the ghetto youths from Balaka. However, he is optimistic that the five months that Balaka Got Talent is going to be run, will completely transform the lives of the youths there.

“We can’t support everyone. However, we feel the show will somehow uplift the status of some youthful souls there (Balaka). Some are building confidence and skills. That aside, the shows will also be keeping the youths busy,” he predicts.

The IOE chief also clarified that minus their love for Balaka, there was no other attachment between the organizers (of the show) and Balaka.

“Nobody in the company is from Balaka but we fell so much in love for music when we had performed there. I’m actually from Salima, raised in Lilongwe and based in Blantyre,” he clarifies.

The crowd enjoying the show

The current Status Quo

As it stands, Balaka Got Talent is an IOE project under Aglipa Pupa, one of the label’s Project Managers. However, the future appears brighter as external hands have already started being stretched.

Nadia Onions, one of the well-known business ladies from Blantyre but originally from Balaka has already pumped in K100, 000 for the project.

And IOE has also kept its doors open for any patriotic Malawian to assist the label in uplifting the youths of Balaka to realize their dreams.

As it stands, the remaining 18 contestants are indeed busy perfecting their skills in reading for the forthcoming eviction show which is scheduled for May end. Who wouldn’t want to have a collabo with Phyzix?




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