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The Promising Reggae Tree

It’s a fact that most female Malawian musicians dread the reggae music industry. Or lemme put it in ‘English’; M-Dubz has a handful of active female reggae musicians. Why this is the case is a case for another day.

But today, there’s one little female reggae daredevil, we need to know more, Treehide. Many likely might have come to know her via her wonder hit, Mama Africa (which was released in 2018). She is one wonderkid who, if given the much-needed limelight, could be in a class of her own. 

She is 24 years of age.

Isn’t it intriguing that at her age, Treehide is into reggae music when many of her age-group are into RnB, or Afro-Pop so to mention? So, what made her to be sailing in the reggae waters? How did she find herself singing in the first place?

Here’s Treehide’s brief bio as told by EM’s Chisomo Chimenya.

Profile by Chisomo Chimenya

Brief Bio

  • Birth name: Urunji Msowoya
  • Date of birth:  15th of October 1996
  • Origin of the stage name, TreeHide? “The name Treehide was given to me by my elder Aunt, which was a Tumbuka name at first Khunibisa a man from my home village. So out of jokes and laughter, she called me Khunibisa and we decided to translate it to English becoming Treehide.
  • Single/Taken? Taken
  • Record label: JOPO Studios (Machinjiri Area 9)

Life outside music

Treehide describes her private life as rather complicated.

“I’m one of the people who doesn’t like going out and I’m mostly indoors but when I find a chance of going out what I do mostly is taking pictures, having some fun with my family and attending some church activities and watching movies like crazy.”

Music background

Just like other artists ever featured on this column before, Treehide’s origin of her passion in the music industry dates back to her childhood days.

She was a daddy’s girl. Her dad used to be a reggae fan. That also trickled down to the then young TreeHide. As she was growing up however, she realized she could do more than just listening…she could sing as well.

“my breakthrough arrived when one Joe Mass asked me to put some backings for a song done by Deod titled “Bambo A Mercy”. My voice came out wow which gave me hope and courage that I have it in me. That was the genesis of this other side of my life.” She recalls.

Artists she grew up listening:  Gregory Isaac, Burning Spear, Culture, Peter Tosh and Lucky Dube.


  • Professional song: All I want is you  (a collabo with Nonagon Mw, & Pachzy)
  • Professional studio: Trevor Records (with Trevor as the first professional producer to handle her music side of life)
  • Professional Concert: At The University of Livingstonia UNILIA Campus in 2017.


  • Best producer ever worked with: Joe Mass,
  • Favourite Radio Dj:  Mr P (of MIJ FM)
  • Favourite recording studio:  JOPO studios


  • She could wed today, her bridal party could be made up of Joy Alexander, Sangie, Queen Fire, Trumel and Deod.
  • If Treehide gets get lost on a certain island, the first person to contact can be Ithemba


  • The three things that I usually carry: Bible, Phone, and Headsets
  • Most embarrassing moment as an artist: None so far
  • Most memorable moment:  This other day she heard her mom singing TreeHide’s song, “Mama Africa”.
  • What makes TreeHide unique?

Treehide is so unique is such a way she doesn’t easily lose hope in what she is after. That aside, she is also a people person…your dream company.  


  • Facebook; Urunji Treehide Msowoya
  • IG; Treehide



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