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Profile by Gibson C Kamanga

Listening to “Osaopa Part Three”, one would not be crucified if they can jump into conclusion that as veteran gospel rapper, David’ music days are numbered, Suckle Mw could easily be itching closer to fitting in such boots. Of course, it is too early for now, but looking at his age, the youngster appears to have the rich vein of lyrics that can equal, if not surpass the veteran.

Just like David, the original owner and initiator of the “Osaopa” song series, young Suckle Mw appears to be here to stay. His story telling technics are unquestionable. His delivery…out of this world. He is simply amazing.

Outside music, he is also one humble human being you would ever bump into.

His is a mission of spreading the Word, whilst mesmerizing the audience at the same time.

Ladies and gents, Suckle Mw.


Birth name:

  • Precious Njolomole

Meaning and Origin of Suckle Mw

  • I took the name in the dictionary, but my Suckle it’s meaning is not the same as that of the dictionary. In short I may say mine it’s suckling the gospel to the people

Date of birth: 4th September 2001


The birth of Suckle Mw the artist

  • It all started when I was at primary school, memorizing songs from other people, that’s when the passion developed. Later on in my secondary school days, I met some new faces that motivated me to push further with my blossoming passion, music. By then, I was doing both secular, and gospel.

Biggest motivation in music

  • Suffix is my greatest motivator. He’s the artist I grew up looking up to. I even used to be singing along his songs and even sampled some whilst I was performing on stage.

Mission in music

  • My only mission is to represent Jesus Christ, preach his word because this is my only way I give him praise in addition to prayers.

The future

  • Five years from now, I see my self repping Christ in very far areas, preaching and proclaiming his Word through this music.

Artists you grew up listening to

  • Suffix, Mista Gray, David Kalirani, BlackFlame, Mastol Yc, Masomphenya, Yung B and many other Malawian gospel hip hop artists


Life minus music?

  • I’m currently waiting to be enrolled at some tertiary institution this coming September.  

Pastime activities

  • When I’am relaxing, I prefer eating while watching movies or listening to some music…

Three people you like hanging out with?

  • Mostly I spend my time at the studio with friends like “Soja Uno” who is also my producer, then “Inkosi Jay Vee” who is also a close friend and a rapper too.


…You went back to your childhood, what would you change about yourself?

  • I would love to change my character “Nnali opepera sindimachedwa kulira haha”…

…you are given a chance, which local urban gospel musician would you collabo with?

  • On collabo thing, I would love to feature ‘Suffix and Kelvin Sings’ in one song.

…you are given a chance, which country would you wanna perform?

  •  Brazil. I love that country


  • Your music: Life
  • Your character: Ideological
  • Malawi Urban Gospel Music: Fame


  • First professional song: Dzuwa lisanalowe
  • First girlfriend: Yankho Maseko
  • First professional producer: Soja Uno
  • First song to be uploaded online: No stress
  • First cellphone: Itel (keypad)


  • Best producer ever worked with? Soja Uno & MOD
  • Best radio DJ locally?- DJ Lick on Radio Two FM
  • Best TV programme locally – Sound Tube on Times TV
  • Best friend in music – Inkosi Jay Vee
  • Best urban gospel musician locally – Kelvin Sings


  • Three things you can’t travel without? – cellphone, Headphones, & money
  • Favourite hairdo – doesn’t matter so long as it fits me and I look cool in it


  • Facebook: Sucklemw
  • Instagram: Sucklemw
  • Twitter : @ Sucklemw

(Click to listen to “Osaopa part three” below)

Osaopa part 3.mp3



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