Artist of the week; SEVEN ‘O’ MORE


Full Name:    Lovemore Allan Majuta

What’s the origin of the name, Seven ‘O’ more? Ok back then, when I was in form 1 at Kamuzu Barracks I had this friend Innocent Mwanjabe who used to call me Lomore. I did’nt like it so I decided to change it and all I wanted was to have a number in my name that’s when I changed L to 7 then 7-O-MORE

Date of birth;  26th November 1994

Highest academic paper; MSCE attained in 2012. I will get back to school (high education) soon I took a break because of some other personal issues

Favourite food; Nsima with beef

Record label; Urban Link Muzical Village

Favourite colour; haha true color. I love Black

Single, or taken? Taken

Apart from music, what do you do for a living I am an upcoming entrepreneur and I also work with ULAVi limited company, which promotes and protects the art of an individual in general.

What really drove you into this industry? I was born an artist, at first I used to do carbon drawing then I quit and I concentrated on music. I started composing my own songs when I was in Standard 5 and I still have those songs.



Best friend, musically: Everyone who supports my music

First professional song: Masiku apadziko but I came to light with Std 7c

First professional producer: Salem Mitambo

Best producer you’ve ever worked with: Seven‘O’more

Between rapping and studio production which one came first? Studio production came first

Favourite local urban artist: Darley Christian

Favourite international urban artist: Kanye West .

Favourite local TV presenter: Everyone who knows how to get the viewers involved with his /her program/show.

Favourite local TV channel: I don’t have.

Favourite local videographer: Lex Gong’ah

Favourite local Music video: Mmh I don’t know, I watch any


L City or BTz, which city is calling the shots, musically? Both. Only that most of BTz artists sound the same but they are hotter than Mgabu while LLz are Unique though their audio productions let them down mostly.

From your observation, who’s ruling the 265 urban music industry currently? I don’t know but who so ever are ruling I bet am one of them and I’m much better than them.

What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever encountered as an artist:

  • 1st, The day I went for a radio interview at Timveni radio with Tilda. It was gonna be my first interview but unfortunately I was late I couldn’t keep the time so the interview had to switch from radio to a live TV interview that same day. I didn’t enjoy the it.
  • 2nd The Nation Newspaper had to include me in its article of artist of the week and they reviewed the points I got in my MSCE. It was like I started doing music because I couldn’t make it to UNIMA despite getting good grades

The most memorable moment: When Jay Stranger bought me a studio sound card as a gift in the midst of nowhere as I was down for months-my studio closed because my sound card was dead by then and Jay saved me.

How do you relate the music of today and music of our parents back then? Music of today is dope just as it was back then when our parents used to vibe to their music too-I bet find me in 2078 I will also say music of today is wack koma zomwe tinkavera ife tili anyamata.

What do you think needs to be done to promote urban music industry in Malawi? Urban Artists should treat music as business. If you are to have a manager he/she (manager) should be able to come up with strong business plan for you and your music. The artist should also be sure that he/she agrees with the terms and conditions the manager/company is offering them. And to me I feel like it’s a must that every artist should have knowledge of business management or any other entrepreneurship skills to be successful. And I think there should be Organization of Urban producers, which would be rating productions (audios and videos) to avoid these other wacky productions from misleading the audience and the upcoming young artist. This can help our music to go at international level.



How would you describe the following people in one word each?

  • Joy Nathu ; Hardworking and Talented .
  • Gwamba; Creative
  • Omexeler; friendly
  • Lexgonga of Motion Pictures; creative and hardworking

Which of all your collabos do you cherish the most? Every Collabo i did with Basemen.

Who do you admire to work with (mention at least two): Nasty C and Khadija Nina or Enya

Which local urban hit is currently standing out this year? I can’t choose one, I have a list; Std 7c, Question tags, Delilah, Zoti ndimakukonda, and Apse mtima

Special: Tell us more about Urban Music Link Village (UmLv)

  • Urban Link Muzical Village is record label under ULAVi. ULMV was founded in 2014 by Seven’O’more and T-Bag. ULMV is currently located in area 36 Lilongwe. ULMV as a label has managed to sign artists and models. Some of them are Zindo, Kushie, Palessa, Mazzo Openga, Dalrey Christian, Black tai, Decide, Character C, Ekari and Jesus Cyree. Most of them haven’t yet started putting out their music to the public but I bet they are dope than any of these urban artists you know.


How would you describe yourself? I am a hardworking creative and focused guy. I’m that someone who don’t hold grudges. I respect every person. I’m a God fearing person that’s why in most of my songs I do scream OOH MY GOD.

Assuming you are getting married, who would be your best man? Nditha kusankha nditaseka maso one of these; Zindo, Ezra ntsindula, Lonjezo Noel Banda, Christopher Jaffu or Kupasi Christopher Katsonga

What pisses you most, as a person? Being lied, talking shit behind my back and being taken for granted.

What’s your dream holiday destination? Dubai or Canada

Which religion do you belong to? Christianity, CCAP member

Assuming you passes on today, whom would you want to lay the first wreath on his tombstone? Chiyambi Majuta

What’s your dream car? BMW or Benz

How many are you in your family? 10

What’s your favorite chilling spot in llz City? I’m always at the studio so can’t tell

What motivates you every day you wake up? When I read stories of people who made it out of nothing.

Any other talents you have apart from doing Music? Acting

Any hidden issues about you that people don’t know but you think may be interested to know?

  • I’m shot tempered though I control it easily though
  • I’m a very good pretender.
  • I smoke weed.
  • I do every genre I’m not just a trap artist



  • My fans; You are my bosses. Without you I can’t be doing music. Keep showing love to my music and I will keep on entertaining you till you die or I die my music will still live in your minds and be passed on to your grand’s grandchildren.
  • All the die hard out there; Never should you think or fool yourself that you will make it without hardwork. Make sure you are unique and creative. Never hate or judge other people’s work because you all end up being a loser and a critic (Critics make those criticized better than you for you spend most of your time focusing on other people’s work yet those critiqued are focused on their works). Appreciating other people’s work will make you much better for skills are attained not inborn.



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