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Restoring sanity in the local dancehall music arena

By Langson Kalua Junior

Fact! Malinga Mafia is one of the biggest names in M-Dubz’ dancehall arena. He has been one of the hottest stars for some time. His resumé needs no repeat.

Now, imagine. Imagine if “The Gun Boss” decides to call it quits, who could fit unto his seat? …

Obviously,,,well, this could be debatable.

Regardless of who could succeed Malinga, but do you know what-else could happen? There could be a couple of promising youngsters who could be perfecting their skills in readiness for the occupation of the ‘hot’ seat. Though not visibly.

Of course, a couple of names could easily pop up in your mind. Pro Voice, Chizmo..Eli et al. but if you are a hardcore follower of local dancehall, your list of Malinga’s successors could be incomplete if Sean Morgan could be left out.

Sean Morgan is a brand that is slowly dishing out mature dancehall music locally. A sample of his songs, for example, “Envy” and “Better Tingz Take time” among others, could easily put you at a vantage point of appreciating the talent that is in this youngster.

Simply put, most of his songs are worthy a second listening. Or more.

This week, EM is having an in-depth view of the life of this dancehall’s promising talent.  


Birth name: Khumbo Roshan Kafwafwa Jr

The meaning and origin of the stage name: My dad is a fan of Morgan Heritage (Jamaican reggae outfit), so I just picked the “Heritage” part and combined it with the last part of my middle name and created Sean Morgan.

Date of birth: 14th September, 1999

Life outside music: Am a student at the Malawi University of Science & Technology

Origin of your passion in music: I once sung in a choir when I was young & my mother loves singing. So such an environment prepared me to be passionate with music.  

Favorite drink: Ginger drink

Favorite meal: Nsima with beans

Favorite hide out: Cape Maclear

Favorite performance venues: Must Auditorium


First producer: Dj Kenlo

First professional song: Out of (the million girls)

First collabo: Blessings follow me ft King Wiz

Best producer ever worked with: Viwe (Cl touch)

Favorite international urban music artist: Chronixx

Favorite local videographer: VJ Ken

What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why: Out of the million girls’ song which introduced me to the professional world of music.


Malawian artist(s) to have a collabo with:  Wambali Mkandawire

International music artist to have a collabo with: Chronixx

Dream country to perform: Jamaica

Dream holiday destination: Ireland

Dream car: Bugatti Veyron


What makes you unique: The presentation of my songs is different from the rest. I mainly focus on the world as a whole not in Malawi only beacause I believe there many souls that need to be ministered and change through my music since my message is centralized on Love amongst living beings.

Can one take Malawi urban music as a serious career (just like the way it is in other countries): Currently we can’t say that our urban music is that extensive where artist can benefit a lot from their gift since there are various thorns that chock the growth of urban music like lack of strong policies for piracy and lack of interest and support from government and NGOs since they think music (urban) is just done for pleasure and not as a way of boosting the countries economy as far as GDPs are concerned but I think when time goes we will improve on that.

How do you interact with and respond to fans :  Am on various social media platforms which makes my fans find me easier whether they are using facebook, Instagram and whatsapp.  I usually post some developments that are happening and I usually ask them on how I can improve my songs and they give suggestions. For example which song to release first or who should we collaborate with.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music- NO they are all straight forward

If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be? : I was one of the artists who tirelessly worked hard to preach about universal love and unity

Do you think you could get any better as an artist: No doubt about it. It’s through determination and hard work that makes one achieve great heights. I have taken a path where am working very much on being an international artist and it’s through this way that even the world has started to recognize that sean morgan exists

Mention three up and coming artists you would like to manage and why: Minga, Don Shattah, & Kellie Divine.  They are talented artists and they carry up for positive music but the lack exposure.


Most memorable moment in life as an artist: Sharing a stage with Gemini major

Most embarrassing moment: Organizers of a certain show blocking me from performing simply because I was a lesser known. According to them, it was a concert of the giants, and not some body of my musical stature

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety: I’m a reggae dancehall artist so there’s no need for anxiety. I always do my homework properly.

Social Media Handles:

                                  Facebook: Sean Morgan official

                                  Instagram: Sean Morgan Official



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