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Listening to him without looking at the name on the song, you may think he’s from the West. For his fluency in the Prince Edward’s language is nothing short of any Westerner. His rapping, and his lyrical punchlines are but authentic…nothing like Malawian rap et al.

Overdose. His journey into music is rather amusing. Out of his boyish longing for sing alongs, there came Overdose the musician known today. As he recalls, such a sing-along skills got so much into his veins that people sooner, started noticing.

“I was so damn good at memorizing popular songs. People later on, started asking me for my own songs. By then, I had no intention to venture into active music.” He recalls.

Most of his keen followers got disappointed as the then Overdose had no record of his own.  By public demand he started practising some rapping skills which was so hard at that time. Typical of fighters, he never relented. Today, here he is!

Langson Kalua Junior is this week bringing us closer to Overdose so we can know him inside out, musically.


  • Government name: Frank Paul Mhango

The meaning and origin of the stage name: Overdose was an alias for my uncle during his secondary school days. There’s this other day in Mzuzu, I bumped into his old (long time) friend. He immediately addressed me by tat nickname as, according to him, I reminded him of my uncle. I fell in love with it. Later on when my love for music grew, I made OVERDOSE, my music bedmate.

  • Date of birth: 20th May 1993

Life outside music:

  • I’m still pursuing my academic studies, working and looking forward to investing in every legit small business back in Malawi. So far I just established a farm and the future looks promising, more business investments on the way

Origin of your passion in music:

  • Was good at memorizing music of all kinds in general and people would normally ask me if I can perform some mainstream songs. then people from my school then thought I already do rap because of that and my nickname too. They were disappointed to hear I’ve never had a song of my own. Everyone said it would suit me to rap so I started practising some rapping  skills which was so hard at that time but I never gave up until I started writing material that actually makes sense


  • Music, writing, hangout

Favorite drink

  • Mango juice never disappoints

Favourite meal

  • Nsima with bonya

Favourite hide out?

  • My room, sounds weird but I enjoy being lonely most of the times.

Best friend

  • My mom


First producer

  •  Twin Beats

First professional song

  • Ndabwera

First collabo

  • FFT & Blackafella

Best producer ever worked with

  • Danix, Twin Beats

Favourite international urban music artist

  • Jay z, Kanye West, Mac Miller, Nipsey Hussle, Tyler the creator, Earl sweatshirt etc

Favourite local videographer

Sukez, for the fact we were classmates in school and attended the same college. I saw him starting this thing from the bottom and it’s the best thing to witness him take it to this level. It’s a big inspiration to me what he has accomplished in the game.

All time local urban music guru:

  • Mafunyeta  (RIP)


Malawian artist(s) to have a collabo with?

  • Ma blacks

International music artist to have a collabo with?

  • Kanye West

Dream country to perform

  • France

Dream holiday destination:

  • Santorini, Greece

Dream car?

  • Rolls Royce


What makes you unique?

  • My flow, my style of writing just everything about me is different from the rest

2019 resolutions

  • To evolve to be better than my previous year; staying focused

Can one take Malawi urban music as a serious career (just like the way it is in other countries)?

At the moment you can, compared to the days I entered the game. Before we used to depend on airplay but now with the advancement of Internet technologies and streaming apps have helped any artist to use this platform as the way to promote their music


Most memorable moment in life as an artist?

  • I was the first one to put out the first biggest urban show at the Ozone, which inspired 101 FM to host their Dolo Wamu Hood events.

Most embarrassing moment?

Had interview with Marcus (DJ Mbuzi) from the Daredevils at Joy fm together with the FFT, Blackafella and Tweeza. We were promoting an upcoming show at the Ozone in Machinjiri. Didn’t know how to answer questions perfectly as I was nervous for being my first live interview on the radio. At some point, I was asked to freestyle which I ended up saying derogatory words. Just lucky I got away with it


How do you describe yourself?

  • Creative


Artist you grew up listening to

  • Jay z
  • Current base: Kildare, Ireland


  • FACEBOOK: Overdose Alltheway
  • TWITTER: Od_alltheway
  • INSTAGRAM: overdose_alltheway



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