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Artist of the week; ORIGINAL PASSENGER


By Langson Kalua Junior

In the year 2017 Mdubz music saw the rise of young celebrated urban giant Original Passenger following the release his debut single Malodza. The single became a successful in both 2017 and 2018 making the singer one of the big names among Afro-pop artists in Malawi.

According to the singer, he did not expect the song Malodza to be as successful as it did and making him one of the big names in the industry today.

“When I release the song I did not expect it to have such great impact. I was excited to see it become a success, it was a dream come true but at the same time I was scared. I did not know what will come next, everybody had eyes on me and it was like the beginning of a new life that I did not know how to deal with it.” He said.

Since his entry into mainstream, he has had other successful singles including Moni which features Mdubs celebrated and longtime friend Smacks. His antics both in the booth and on the stage are a marvel to the Afro pop fraternity.

But how much far do we know about him? What drove him into the industry? How was his childhood?

Well today EM Langson Kalua Jr takes us into details of the star’s music and personal life.


Birth Name? Chris Mbelenga

The Meaning And Origin Of The Stage Name? It means someone who knows where he is going as life takes him into various phases.

Date Of Birth? 25 December 1993

Minus Music How Else Do You Do To Earn A Living? I do music only

Your Recording Label? No label bt am planning to start my own label

Origin Of Your Passion In Music?  I used to listen to music when I was a kid and record myself using a cassette recorder.


Favorite Drink? Fruit tree juice

Favourite Meal? Nsima with chicken

Favourite Hide Out? Home

Best Friend? Smacks

Favourite Song (Local)? Zitatu Eli njuchi

Who’s who on your list?

First Producer? Sispense

First Professional Song – reason with me – rudebwoy

Best Producer Ever Worked With? Don T for Red Disk Music

Best Studio? Matrix

Best Television Local Show?  Fusion on Times TV hosted by Che Kalonda

Favourite Artist (International)? Diamond Platnumz

Favourite Local Videographer? Sukez

First Girlfriend? Eliza

All Time Local Urban Music Guru? Lulu

Whackest Urban Music Artist Of All Time? There is no whack artist


Which local Malawian artist would you want to have a collabo with? – no one

Which international artist would you want to have a collabo with? Harmonizer

Dream country to perform? Any country in the United Kingom

Dream holiday destination? Mexico

Dream car? Bugatti


What makes you unique? I write What everyone can listen to regardless of their age

New year resolutions 2019? Released 2 songs and I have three videos on the way.

Can one take Malawi urban music as a serious career (just like the way it is in other countries)?-Yes

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music? Yes and I would love to keep it a secret

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans? I treat them like my friends which makes our interactions easy

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? I still do but I get over it as soon as I start performing

Favorite performance venues? BICC


Most memorable moment in life as an artist? When I went to perform in Mangochi. People supported me than any other artist

Most embarrassing moment? None

In one word?

How do you describe yourself? DIFFERENT

Describe Malawi urban music? GROWING


Your reaction to Anatha song by Seven-0-More? It’s a song just like any other song

How do you rate your music? 10 out of 10

Artist you grew up listening to? Lucius Banda

A song that describes your childhood? Mwayi By Skeffa Chimoto

A song you listen to when happy? Tsogolo By Lulu

How will life without music be like to you? Horrible

Three things you can’t travel without? My phone, my headset and my flash disk


Facebook: Original Passenger IG

Twitter: @Originalpassenger

Instagram: Original_passenger



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