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The Afro Trap whiz kid

When we talk of internationally acclaimed Malawian artist currently, we have Tay Grin, and Gemini Major. Truth be told, these are some of the urban music heavyweights who have raised the black-red-green flag higher.

For those who eat, drink, and sleep urban music locally, Mr Jagz is the missing puzzle amongst the duo earlier highlighted. Minus Gemini Major, Mr Jagz is another biggest M-Dubz urban artist who is rocking RSA like home. Talk of a prophet not being respect at home, then Mr Jagz is one.

Having started silently with some of the country’s urban music guruz, the likes of Blak Jak, and Dynamik, Mr Jagz is now a household name internationally.

EM’s Kedson Ngwira had a chat with this rare species of an M-Dubz urban artist to reveal his otherwise hidden musical life.


Birth Name; Lovemore Nyika

Date of Birth: 28 May

Birth Place: Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (Blantyre, Malawi)

Meaning of the name Mr Jagz? Creative, eye catching and Genius all in all combined with Mr(Responsibility). In short, it means I control and run my show

Single/Taken/ or Complicated? Rather not say

Favourite meal: Local Chicken some call it road runner with Nkhwani & pap/Nsima…love my local meal.

Favourite colour: Blue

Music aside, how else do you eke a living? I am self-employed

Pastime Activities: I spend most of my times reading Business books and Motivation books. Sharing such knowledge & stories with all those I’m close to.

Mr Jagz (Middle) performing


Genre of Music: Afro Trap

Record label: Boss Boy Music (Own label) & P Grand Muzik Circle (Based in South Africa for Distributions)

Origin of passion in music: My career kick started in 2007..Recorded 1st with Chatlock AKA Dynamike by then he was Nyasa Guruz producer and Blackjak presented me my 1st studio session with him for a PSI Malawi project themed song.

In 2008, I made a hit single under Loc Nation Records owned by Sean Loc titled “Gwedeza” which got featured on “The Drill” a radio programme on FM 101 Power, formally hosted by Lomwe and the Song was voted in Top3 as Best Hip Hop songs of the year.

In 2009, I formed the Label BOSS BOY MUSIC with Dj Boo (now based in South Africa). We worked along with Artists like Tygris, Rina, Hypa, Renegade, & Pilgrim just to mention a few.

Since then, my music has been making headlines on different platforms across other African countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and many others.


First professional song: Gwedeza Feat Kenzo-B

First producer: Dynamik

First collabo: Gwedeza (Feat Kenzo-B)

Favorite local/international urban music artist? Sarkodie from Ghana

All-time best producer ever worked with?

  • This one is really hard! But Jimix Beatz based in RSA simply because he gave me my 1st official global song “PASAVUTE”

Best friend musically?

  • I am always with a squad of brothers who are also artists when I’m in S.A so its Family and positive energy. In Malawi, I would say Fredokiss; we always share our aspirations and ideas. He is a great guy and a motivator

Whom would you want to have a collabo with?

  • I’m a hustler I don’t lock down my doors. I truly work with any artist who’s ambitious and their goals are transparent. Just be a mover and willing to grind for the music.

Mr Jagz and Diamond plutinum


Whom (which Malawian urban artist) do you think has killed this first quarter of 2018?

  • It’s complicated, simply because most artists here in Malawi don’t really finalize a product. I’ve heard a few great songs and I wish they could have solid foundations apart from premiering on “Made on Monday” and accumulating Downloads on Malawi music web.

Musically (urban music), are we there yet?

  • Malawi music is still in a transition process and I feel the best way is for us, artists to really not just do songs only for Malawians but appear to the whole African Continent. Until artists have such a mentality, that’s when we can also manage to compete our music with the rest of Africa and take part in different platforms and Concerts.

Of late, many promising urban artists are flocking to RSA for various reasons. Is this healthy for our musical industry?

  • I believe if you can make it in Malawi, you can make it anywhere. Everybody heads South for opportunities but in all sense we don’t have the same Grace. My take on this would be to find better ways of investing in our (Malawi) Entertainment Industries because Malawi is still growing musically and we need to all put in efforts together and not just individually. It will take great effort and how bad artists really want a global appeal here.

Any differences between how music is managed in RSA, and in Malawi?

  • Way too Different. I aspire Malawian artists who believe that “To know the road have to ask from Someone who’s walked through it”
  • In South Africa, Music is a Business; major records are set when they will drop. Just as visuals…Artist are truly living a fortune…Music promoters really play a major role and it’s a massive business in RSA..setting up Gigs and so on to mention a few.
  • While in Malawi, everything is slow growing but investors are there for those that are standing up for there brands and appealing for different deals. If you’re an artist, you have to knock doors. If you don’t, and complain, I say stop fooling yourself and go persuade a different calling.

Mr Jagz


Any embarrassing moment ever encountered as a musical artist:

  • I haven’t come across many. I do best to make sure I plan things. Apart from being taken off the stage early or attending a gig as an up and coming and you don’t get to perform because “no one really knows your music” such things make me even grind harder to prove my worth to myself.

Any memorable moment?

  • Performing for the 1st ever-Annual Trace Roots Music Festival in South Africa. Received the mail & call while I was (in Malawi) with Family. I had to be booked on a flight back to RSA and perform with some of Africa’s greats…The most amazing part was me performing on stage with the same people I started with..

Mr Jagz


How would you describe yourself?

  • I take life and situations as they come. I like making decisions calmly. I love to learn new things, to travel and know about other cultural values, peace of mind and I love being around those with a positive mindset.

Assuming you are to wed today, who would be your best man?

  • Most of my guys would wanna sit next to me. They really wanna know when I’ll get to be with someone I can call a wife simply coz I have been persuasive to a few of them.

Personal motivation quote

  • It’s not about a dollar…but your perception of thinking and believe-Mr Jagz


  • INSTAGRAM; @MrJagz265
  • FACEBOOK; BossBoy Music
  • TWITTER; @Bossboi265



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