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Very few can either match or surpass the 20 year old’s antics in various spheres of life. You must have ever heard of the catchy phrase “Young and Gifted” Well, Mic Mash is a true definition of that. The boy can not only rap-sign, but also he’s adept at multi-media productions.

He is just some days into his 20th year. However, his livelihood has seen more than his biological years. Above all, his skills in various endeavors is way past his age.

Here’s a peep into his resume; he is a Christian rapper/ gospel rapper. He is also the founder of Look sharp photography; one of the fastest growing professional multi-media production firms in Mzuzu. That is not all, he is studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Parasitology & Disease Vector Control (Hons) at Mzuzu University.

Wanna read more about this youngster? Let’s take a ride!

Profile by Kedson Ngwira


  • Government name: Tadala Daniel Kasinjeni
  • The meaning and origin of the stage name: Mic Mash, meaning Microphone Mash. This name has biblical origins. It was a name of a place where Philistines camped when Saul and his 2000 soldiers were plotting an attack. I saw it from the bible, I liked it and gave it a second meaning of Mashing the Microphone
  • Date of birth : 3 January 1999
  • Life outside music: I’m a student at Mzuzu University studying Parasitology & Disease Vector Control (Hons), I’m the owner and photographer at Look Sharp Photography, Art explorer and manager

Early days

I started music at the age of 8 and I was inspired by my late cousin SKA. He was a rapper in the early 20s. I started with singing in a church choir but my dreams were of being a famous rapper on earth.

Watching Eminem’s “Toy Soldiers”,  and “When I’m gone”, I started loving hip hop so much. At first, I was bad at writing so I could just go on the internet, get bars from different artists and form one killer verse.

Then I went to Nkhatabay secondary school and met artists like Jay Jay Cee. Back then, he was a rapper and we used to skip prep classes and rap at some tank close to tuckshop. I loved battle raps, though most of the times I was being ‘killed’. It then became my thing.

Then I went to Dedza secondary school. This place had talented folks; the likes of Morality C and Baxxy of Biscuit music.

Then I met Takula Nkambeni. He was a Drake fan and he could wrote dope punchlines. Then he started writing for me but everytime I hit the studio when the song was out, he was bragging about his being the masterminder of the song. I never liked it.

Then my uncle, Tiyamike Mungomo, formely known as Mastermind started writing for me then I learnt how to write bars and I recorded my first secular song called Hustle Ya Mughetto that was produced by Crack.

Upon giving my life to Christ, my focus changed from fame, fortune and girls to serving and ministering the Gospel. I boosted my career at Dedza Government Secondary School and I once won a rap competition that gave me a picture to use the power in music.


  • Favorite drink SOBO Pineapple Squash
  • Favourite meal : Nsima with beef and beans
  • Favourite hide out? I’m mostly at school but during holidays I spend most of mytime atUrban Link Musical village or at Dream Manifest
  • Best friend : Kaputo Conrad Mwape
  • Favourite performance venues; Civil stadium


  • First producer: Crack of Mapiri Music
  • First professional song : Love Song
  • First collabo : Gospel Alliance featured me on Za Ambuye Muzik
  • Best producer ever worked with : Seven-O-more
  • Favourite international urban music artist: S.O.
  • Favourite local videographer : Bright Bonex Matemba
  • All time local urban music guru: Dali Mizaya & Pastor Reuben


  • Malawian artist(s) to have a collabo with?  

Wambali Mkandawire, Patience Namadingo, Faith Mussa, Ruth KuLaisi, Suffix, Gwamba, David Kalirani

  • International music artist to have a collabo with? S.O
  • Dream country to perform : USA
  • Dream holiday destination: UK
  • Dream car? Mini cooper


  • What makes you unique?

Well, I’m a punchline-wordplay rapper, of course there are also artists like Suffix , but my lyricism uses both English and my vernacular. I try so hard not to sound like any of the local artist, I can drop bars on any beat and can switch styles

  • 2019 resolutions

Well, to push the music more, being an independent artist is not easy but yeah still working hard to breakthrough, to shoot video with one of the best local videographer like Sukez, VJ Ice, Essim, Ron Cz I like their work, to sign more young and talent artists like Issabel and help them find their way in music, to win more souls to Christ and change lives with the talents and finally make money off the music

  • Can one take Malawi urban music as a serious career (just like the way it is in other countries)?

They can, but always make sure you have a plan B if the music thing fails. That’s why I always encourage young and up and coming artists to work hard in school, get a job that will help you sponsor your music or start business and balance it with the music. For an artist to make money in our industry they rely too much on shows not selling the music. You can’t just wake up and do a show that will capture most of the people, you need to invest in promo, studio sessions , etc and this is were business or job is needed.

  • Please discuss with us how you interact with and respond to fans.

Well, I mostly interact with my fans through social media like Facebook and there’s a WhatsApp group for the fans, as long as the person is open and has a positive mindset, we share ideas, chill and all.

  • If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be?

 I’m a shy guy lol and not really good at talking but I’m open to sharing ideas, criticism and learning

  • If you could date any other musician (Or celebrity), who would it be and why?

Kim Of Diamonds, she’s pretty and has a great voice yoo

  • Do you think you could get any better as a musician? And if so, how would you achieve that?

       I can get better by practicing more. It really makes sense that practise makes perfect, ever since my secondary school days I was writing more lyrics , I have 3 lyric books and now I don’t even struggle to write a great song I just wait for the inspiration to hit.

Well when your music is sponsored, it’s easy to do more creative work because you are able to work with the big producers and heads in music. I’m working on making music that people will not resist and sponsors will come in

  • If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

Thank you for supporting me, keep it 100 until we become so big, feel free to talk to me and share the word. I get motivated when I meet my fans who can sing the song word for word, telling me how it’s impacting their lives. God bless you and I’m here to give you everything from the heart.


  • Most memorable moment in life as an artist? When my music got to Rapzilla.com, when I had TV interviews with all the big stations in Malawi ,
  • Most embarrassing moment? I once lost a rap battle
  • Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? At Ufulu festival 2017 I was really scared of the stage but the fear goes the moment you start to vibe on stage


  • How do you describe yourself?
  • Artistic


  • Artist you grew up listening to : Eminem


  • FACEBOOK: WWW.Facebook.com/MicMash1999
  • TWITTER: @micmash265
  • INSTAGRAM: @micmash265



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