Artist of the week; MASTOL


By Langson Kalua Junior

He registered his presence into the M-Dubz podium with hit smasher,

“Anakonza” which he collaborates with one of the Malawi’s finest R&B artist Kelvin Sings . The music video on the same was also a crowd puller. Currently, he is tipped to be the next big thing to have staged our musical arena.

Let’s get to know who Mastol is in this brief bio.


  • Government name: Massah Topola The meaning and origin of the stage name: I combined the first 3 letters of my first name with my surname to make Mastol
  • Date of birth….. 08 April 1994
  • Life outside music: I am the Pastor of TTG youth church and I am also an Entrepreneur 
  • Origin of your passion for music: I became passionate about music at a young age mainly because of my family. I was born in an Adventist family and everyone in the family loved to sing


  • Favourite drink- Peach flavoured Enjoy from Lilongwe Daily
  • Favourite meal- Dunked wings and Chips
  • Favourite hideout?- my room
  • Best friend- Mista Gray, Kelving Sings, Rebirth, D Manzy
  • Favourite performance venues; Anywhere where there’s a hyped crowd


  • First producer- Jmass (Red disk Music)
  • First professional song: Mbendera
  • First collabo- Bwenzi ft. Kelvin Sings
  • Best producer ever worked with- Blage
  • Favourite international urban music artist- NF
  • Favourite local videographer – Sukez
  • All-time local urban music guru: Maskal
  • What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why? Anakonza – It opened so many doors for me musically and introduced me to a new and different audience


  • Malawian artist(s) to have a collabo with? Piksay
  • International music artist to have a collabo with? Pompi
  • Dream country to perform- United Kingdom
  • Dream holiday destination: Brazil
  • Dream car? Mercedez Benz G-Wagon


  • What makes you unique? My lyrics contain the undiluted word of God and I preach what I live, my music is based on my personal experience & life as a believer and I put that in my music hoping people will relate
  • 2020 resolutions I have none, I always do the best with what I have and trust God to lead me rightly since all things work together for good to those who love him
  • Can one take Malawi urban music as a serious career (just like the way it is in other countries)? YES!!! It’s just a matter of how much you’re willing to invest 
  • Please discuss with us how you interact with and respond to fans. I try as much as I can to make myself very accessible to people who love my music & am always putting on a smile and accommodating to anyone trying to halla
  • Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music- Not really, but I hope people realize that what I try to do in any of my songs is to draw them closer to God and His word
  • If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be? That I lived to please God and hoped my music and my work would show them the love of Christ our Lord
  • Who is your fan or customer? (Analyze this question thoroughly) any person who would have no problem spending time and/or money to have or see my work with full confidence that it is artistically good and beneficial to his/her spiritual life 
  • If you could date any other musician (Or celebrity) in Malawi, who would it be and why That would be Thandi Chisi, the model. Simply because of ‘ANAKONZA’
  • Do you think you could get any better as a musician? And if so, how would you achieve that? Definitely. I practice a lot and I am a very hard worker plus….am smart lol. I think the world is yet to experience the best of my work
  • Pretend you’re the CEO of a certain big record label in Malawi. Mention artist three up and coming artists you would like to manage and why? 
  1. Beracah – He’s the best thing to happen to Malawi music since Kelvin Sings
  2. Eli njuchi – Boy is a musical genius
  3. Esther Chitheka – because when Angels sing the music is always beautiful  
  • If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be? Get saved, live right, love with all your heart, don’t die poor
  • A most memorable moment in life as an artist? Yet to happen
  • A most embarrassing moment? Will never happen
  • Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? Almost every time


  • How do you describe yourself? Blessed


  • Artist, you grew up listening to; Don Williams
  • Current base: Lilongwe


  • Are you actively involved with updating daily your social networking sites? Ie Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc Yes
  • How can people find you on;
  • FACEBOOK: Mastol
  • TWITTER: Mastol_yc
  • INSTAGRAM: Mastol_yc



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