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Artist of the week; MANINJA CLAN


The ‘Japanese warriors’ of local music

By Langson Kalua Junior

In this WhatsApp era, when was the last time you’d a local millennial music group ditching out entirely Tumbuka music with a House touch? When was the last time you’d youngsters falling in love with local Tumbuka songs from and by their fellow M-Dubz youngsters?   

Outta dusty roads of Lubinga in Mzuzu there cometh Ma Ninja Clan, a 6member group that’s shook Malawi with its sizzling tumbuka hits. Doki-doki, Muna Ndalama, and Fyopo are some of the songs that are not only comic but also rich in easy-to-grasp messages.

Theirs are songs that symbolize ‘comboni’ lifestyles, jovial-stress free livelihood.

The music videos are also another marvel that these youngsters deliver.  Ever watched Doki Doki?

Well, Ma Ninja clan is our Guest on Artist of the Week. Here’s what they confided to EM’s Langson Kalua Junior.

Who are the Ma Ninja?

Ma Ninja clan is made up of six crazy-taining youngsters, Pianoman, Negro Hirohito, Sisco, Fly P, Conquarado, and Zidolina.

Founded in 2015, by brothers, Pianoman, and Negro-Hirohito, the group had been relatively unknown till last year when their tumbuka hit, Muna Ndalama, became a household name, more especially in the northern region. Very funny that the song had been released in 2018.

Staccato delivery. Deep tumbuka diction. Suspense. The house-sh melody in the background. All these were to symbolize their other upcoming songs, and made Ma Ninja Clan, instant celebrities.

It’s no wonder therefore that cometh January this year, Ma Ninja’s Doki-Doki became the talk of the town. The accompanying video was nothing but a masterclass.

What’s in a name?

Online literature cites Ninjas to have been secret agents of the ancient Japan. They were specialized assassins who were trained to annihilate enemies.

So, these millennial singers adopted Ninja name in their line of business as they regard themselves are skilled warriors too.

“We’re skilled warriors that terminate stress. We assassinate frustrations, we kill ignorance as our music also educates,” says Pianoman.

 Just like the-then Ninjas whose core business was protecting the Japanese emperor, the MaNinja Clan are also protectors of the ‘Japanese Emperor’.

“We don’t wanna see cultural erosion. So, our duty is to ensure the longevity of our culture and Malawian identity,” enlightens Pianoman.

It’s for that purpose that all of Ma Ninja Clan’s songs are in their mother tongue, chitumbuka.

That’s not all. Their songs carry messages that have people can relate, more especially the village folk or the generation X’ers.

“We aim at depicting the real life events in our villages. Issues that are discussed at various local (liquor) joints. That’s why most of our songs carry some alcoholic element in them,” he says.

MaNinja’s Marriage with Producer, Nyeusi

For people who’d known this musical group, one can easily be tempted to conclude that they’re in a lifetime working relationship with one recording artist, Nyeusi (who produced Alongosi). Other sectors who’ve surface knowledge of them do get confused if the producer is part of MaNinja.

According to Pianoman, “there’s a good working relationship with the producer.”

“Being the longest member of the group, I’ve known Nyeusi for a long period. I know his capabilities. That’s why as a group we felt he could easily meet our needs. However, we’re not only stuck to him. There are other producers, Slera, and Prengo, for example, that we’ve ever worked with too,” he clarifies.

So far, Nyeusi has produced over 15 songs for the group.

The dream

Negro Hirohito says theirs is a clique that’s here to stay. According to him, MaNinja Clan is so united and doesn’t see one of the members getting big-headed and leave the crew for greener pastures.

“We’ve so much in common. We’ve similar ambitions and it’s our dream to hit all corners of Malawi and represent Malawi to the outside world together as MaNinja clan,” he hopes.

A peep into MaNinja Clan

  1. Pianoman
  • Birth name: Emmanuel Chirwa

  • Sisco
  • Birthname: Francisco Kayiya
  • Date of birth :7 December 1992
  • Fly P
  • Birthname: Government name: Francis Ngwira
  • Date of birth: 10/01/1995
  • Conconquerado
  • Birthname: Malumbo Dunstan Ngwira
  • Date of Birth: 14 June 1994
  • Zidolinah
  • Birthname: Chikaiko Arthur Gunda
  • Date of birth: 13 November 1992 
  • Negro Hirohito
  • Birth name: Samuel Chilima Chirwa
  • Date of birth:8th January 1992



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