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(Humility. Intelligence. Passion. All built-in one soul)

Profile by Langson Kalua Junior

Edward Maganizo Kamanga also known as Magga MW is Dancehall artist from Lilongwe. He started as a rapper but switched his style after being inspired by Reggae/Dancehall star, Blasto.

He is about to release his new track, Nsanje the next coming month. Enterprising youngster, Magga MW Is a name that is slowly rising through the ranks of Malawi urban music industry. He’s so versatile. Despite been a dancehall artist, he can rap, hit an RnB beat, and also do an afro track with ease.

Let’s know more about this gifted young star


  • Government name: Edward Maganizo Kamanga The meaning and origin of the stage name: derived from my middle name meaning Thoughts 
  • Date of birth….. 6 july 1995
  • Life outside music: am not working 
  • Origin of your passion in music: it started when my big brother used to bring Lil Wayne’s Cds home, then I got used to music which made me visit the studio 


  • Favourite drink- Castel
  • Favourite meal- nsima with chicken
  • Favourite hideout?- My bedroom
  • Best friend- Asodzi 
  • Favourite performance venues; nun


  • First producer- DJ Wimbe
  • First professional song: Champion
  • First collabo- sima bad man Ft Kasirblanca
  • Best producer ever worked with-DJ OK
  • Favourite international urban music artist– Tory Lanes
  • Favourite local videographer – Megabytes Creations
  • All time local urban music guru: Malinga Mafia
  • What do you feel is the best song you’ve ever released and why? Nyimbo , based on a true story 


  • Malawian artist(s) to have a collabo with? Malinga Mafia
  • International music artist to have a collabo with? Tony Lanes
  • Dream country to perform- UK
  • Dream holiday destination: Berlin German
  • Dream car? BMW


  • What makes you unique? Ability to do multiple genres 
  • 2020 resolutions: More videos and collabos do not forget exposure to the audience
  • Can one take Malawi urban music as a serious career (just like the way it is in other countries)? yes
  • Please discuss with us how you interact with and respond to fans. Mostly due to technology I make use to interact through the social media platforms so that I can reach out to feedback from all angle and across the country and a few outsides
  • Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music- not really 
  • If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be? music 
  • Who is your fan or customer? (Analyze this question thoroughly) actually, I can say youths and all those who love positive music 
  • If you could date any other musician (Or celebrity) in Malawi, who would it be and why; I don’t think I can date a Musician 
  • Do you think you could get any better as a musician? And if so, how would you achieve that? Yes, first thing we need to create a good friendship with our fans and the music promoters to reach out the entire music lovers.
  • Pretend you’re the CEO of a certain big record label in Malawi. Mention artist three up and coming artists you would like to a manager and why? I would manage Eli njuch, Quest and K banton because they are young and talented, and they have passion 
  • If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be? Firstly I would like to thank my fans for the support on every tune I drop and I wanna promise more good music this new year 
  • A most memorable moment in life as an artist? The most memorable time is when we went to Bunda college for the show and my friend’s shoes went missing, and we struggled all night trying to find shoes but we never found them, java walked home barefooted lol
  • A most embarrassing moment? never had one
  • Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? Nop


  • How do you describe yourself? ; humble


  • Artist, you grew up listening to: Lil Wayne 
  • Current base: area 23 Lilongwe 


  • Are you actively involved with updating daily your social networking sites? Ie Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc Yes 
  • How can people find you on;
  • FACEBOOK: Magga Mw Kamnaga 
  • TWITTER:@Maggamw
  • INSTAGRAM: @Maggamw



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