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Profile by Naomie Mseteka & Langson Kalua Jnr

Leslie is one of those female musicians who are trying their level best to keep the momentum in the world which is dominated by their male counterparts.

Her song, Romeo and Juliet which she released early this year stole the hearts of many Malawians.

Her passion for music developed during her secondary school days where she was taking part in the arts subjects.

Currently, you can not write a book of the top ten of best female musicians without outlining her name then the book is incomplete.

So, what’s her journey into this music business?, What’s her thoughts about M dubs music in general?

Well, let’s now know more about this gifted Lady. 


Birth Name: Leslie Akwiza Moyo 

Stage Name and meaning: Leslie meaning Holy garden

Date of Birth: 25 January 1997

Life outside music: Presenter at Ufulu 

Origin of passion for music: My passion for music all began when I was in secondary school, I used to take part in talent shows and other musical programs at school. I always loved to sing and I still do.


Favourite drink: Coca Cola 

Favourite meal: Boiled potatoes with beef and salad and nsima with beef

Favourite hide out: Liwonde, it’s peaceful when am there and free

Best Friend: Thando Mosso

Favourite performance venue: I love to perform at places where I’m able to use a live band in other words acoustic venues

First producer: Jay Emm

First song: Ukhale ndi ine produced by M.O.D

First collabo: Bwerani with Gazzel 

Best producer: Hennwood 

Favourite international musician: Whitney Hotson

Favourite local videographer: VJ Ken 

All-time music guru: Home Grown

Which song is your best time ever realised amongst your songs and why: Romeo and Juliet I love the way it speaks to many people and they can relate to it.


Who is your best artist that you would make a collabo with?: Lucius Banda not only he is the father of music but he inspires me

I’d also love to collaborate with Sangie, saint, Kell Kay and other artists that have always inspired me in music

Dream international artist to collaborate with: Simi Patoracking and Neyo

Goals: To perform outside Malawi 

Dream holiday destination: Dubai

Best dream car and why: SUV’s

What makes you unique?: My uniqueness comes from the fact that I write things that other people go through and not about myself and I believe that good music will always be appreciated by people with a good ear to music

2019 resolutions: to take a step in my musical career and I’m happy of how it’s turning out to be

Can urban music be a career?: Yes, one can take urban music as a career with determination and knowing what they want to achieve in the process. with a good strategy, everything is possible

How do you react to feedback: Everyone loves feedback, so every time I get criticism to be it good or bad I look at ways in which I can improve if it’s out of my reach I let it be .always interaction with my fans helps me understand my audience better

What hidden meaning do you songs have?: The only hidden meaning in my music would be that I mostly write about others and not myself

How would you like your fans to remember you? I’d love my fans to remember me as one person who stood for what she believed in and that would be music

If you were a given a chance to date a celebrity who will you date and why?: Walter Nyamilandu because l love his deep voice 

If you were a CEO mention three young and upcoming artist you would work with? : If I was a CEO of a record label I’d sign Izza, Leslie and any girl that would love to do production

One message to your fans: One message I can give to my fans is that they should be patient with me and mostly I love the support and love I’ve gotten in a short period it makes me believe I can do more in the industry

Your memorable moment: The most memorable moment in my life as an artist is when I performed at the ghetto festival and to my surprise Its where I got signed by Van Ngongo entertainment.im glad I was able to impress someone up to the point of wanting to work with me.

Embarrassing moment: The most embarrassing moment was when I went to the studio and could not come up with anything.

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?: Well yes naturally I have stage fright, I always fear big crowds and I’m always scared of making a mistake and off-key


Artist, you grew up listening: Beyonce

Currently artist : Simi

How can people find you : I am so much on Facebook 

User names on social media 

  • Facebook: Leslie Moyo
  • Instagram: AkwizaMoyo 
  • Twitter: Leslie 



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