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Profile by Langson Kalua Junior

Along with the rise of rap group K2B-Block widely known as K2B with hit songs Malonda, Kumudzi and Anzawo a Masteni among others, then came to limelight the youngest member Dette Flow.

Before joining K2B, Dette Flo was among the members of a K2B’s label that signed and developed talent for up and coming artists called Kawale Muwiri. It was through this that K2B discovered the potential and capabilities of the young artist later adding him to the group, with which he debuted on the song Malonda.

“Malonda was one of the greatest songs to record with K2B being my first song with the guys. After we recorded this song it was when we came up with Anzawo a Masten which is one of the song that opened doors for me. My verse caught the attention of many people because of my young appearance back then.” He said.

Later, the young artist rose to stardom with hit singles Ndikanakhala Mnneli, and Abracadabra which featured the veteran Charisma.


  • Government Name: Prince Mtaya
  • The Meaning And Origin Of The Stage Name: Blaqkid gave me the name, it describes how unclean my flow is, as it is full of murder bars. People like it like that.
  • Date Of Birth: 02 May 1998
  • Life Outside Music: Iam a student studying Business Management, I am interested in business and who knows I might manage my music as my business in future.
  • Origin Of Your Passion In Music: My dad was a guitarist so I listened to him pla at home. My uncle Mr Muga was a vocalist and a songwriter so I used to listed to his songs and read his book of lyrics that’s how I got inspired to do music.


  • Favorite Drink:  Sprite
  • Favourite Meal: Nsima/mpunga with nyemba and salad
  • Favourite Hide Out?: Studio
  • Best Friend: my elder brother ‘Charles’
  • Favourite Performance Venues: Lilongwe Golf Club, Civo Stadium


  • First producer:Kdz
  • First professional song:Anzawo a masteni
  • First collabo: Malonda with K2b Block
  • Best producer ever worked with: Martin Anjelz
  • Favourite international urban music artist:Travis scott
  • Favourite Local: Essim
  • All Time Local Urban Music Guru: Biriwiri
  • What Do You Feel Is The Best Song You’ve Ever Released And Why?: Anzawo a masteni’ is the best because it was my first song to reach to the public and it became a hit.


  • Malawian Artist(S) To Have A Collabo With: patience Namadingo,Lawi,Third Eye,Hyphen,Classick,Kelvin Sings
  • International Music Artist To Have A Collabo With? Nasty C
  • Dream Country To Perform: UK
  • Dream Holiday Destination:Chicago,USA
  • Dream Car? Benz (Any Model)


  • What Makes You Unique? My lifestyle, my ability to come up with concepts that are common in real life,fusing my raps with unique melodies plus I can do any type of music.
  • Please Discuss With Us How You Interact With And Respond To Fans: I give them room to ask what they want to know about me whether online or personal encounters plus I make them aware of each musical move I make.
  • Is There A Hidden Meaning In Any Of Your Music: Most people think it’s for fun only but I want to them to learn and change their mindset after listening to my songs.
  • If You Can Have Your Fans Remember One Thing About You, What Would It Be? Ibelieve I became the first young rapper who became famous and inspired most young rappers so my fans should remember me for that.
  • Do You Think You Could Get Any Better As A Musician? And If So, How Would You Achieve That? Am gonna get better by maintaining my unique type of rap,staying creative and by making sure I collaborate with the biggest in Malawi and outside regardless of their genres so that I gain knowledge and experience.
  • If You Had One Message To Give To Your Fans, What Would It Be? I thank my fans for supporting me from the beginning till now and I want to assure them that I will keep on putting out songs that will always blow their minds.I love them all
  • Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety? I used to drink and smoke but not anymore.


  • How Do You Describe Yourself? Iam a humble,courageous and strong:willed guy with a potential to achieve all my goals in life.


  • Artist You Grew Up Listening To: a bit of 50 Cent and Eminem but mostly I listened to Akon and Lil Wayne.
  • Current Base: Chilinde,Lilongwe


  • How can people find you on:
  • FACEBOOK: Follow and like my page ‘Dette Flo’  and my personal account ‘Dirrt Dette Flo’



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