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Profile By Langson Kalua Junior

Classick is a legend! There are no two ways about it! His lyrical punchlines would make you think twice he is really from M-Dubz. He is our own home grown…and bred right here in M-Dubz.

We don’t need to spend paragraphs sugar-coating the glorious career of this gifted rapper. He has everything that any wanna-be rapper would ever dream of…’sick’ lyrical punchlines, mature composition, mouth-watering verses…the list is endless. He is one heck of a gem to have ever rocked M-Dubz.

Having made loud ‘noise’ during his time with Home Grown, now disbanded, Classick is still soaring higher. His recent song, “Somebody Knows” is an example of the splendid delivery that is always synonymous with him. He is music, and music is Classick.  

So, from his debut, “Bola Kunthazi” all the way to his time with Home Grown, Classisk has continued making strides lyrically.

But who is the man behind the tag, Classick?


  • Birth name: Yankho Zulu
  • The meaning and origin of the stage name:
  • “Classick” is a combination of two words. Classic (‘cause I want to make music that’s going to last when I’m long gone) and Sick (which is “street slang” for being good at something or something which is really nice or done nicely)
  • Date of birth: 13 March 1993
  • Life outside music:
  • Everything I do outside music started with music so music is my living. I live for music and my music will last teaching the younger ones to earn a living
  • Origin of your passion in music?
  • Grew in a family of 3 sisters who were listening to a lot of Michael Jackson, and Craig David just to mention a few. I was listening in the background, but I noticed how it moved them. Since then I’ve always wanted to make that reaction in people using music.


Favourite meal

  • I like good food. This can be anything depending on how I’m feeling that day. Just never forget the Kambuzi (raw pepper) on the side.

Best friend

  •  I respect who ever respects me and that’s the just the way it is..

Song of the moment in local urban music

  • Somebody Knows (Classick)


First producer;Dahlie beats

First professional song;Bola kunthazi

Best producer ever worked with;Black Falcon Bird. B.F.B

Best studio;DC records with my brother Bengo Beats

Best television show locally; Tikuferanji

Favourite international urban music artist; A.K.A

Favourite local videographer; VJ ICE. However lookout for this kid Ubwino. He is fire.

First girlfriend; Mwayi Simbota. I hear she’s doing her thing in some local series on TV. Look at

All time local urban music guru;Wisdom Chitedze

Whackest urban music artist of all time:None

Favorite performance venues;B.I.C.C is the best place I’ve performed so far


Local urban music artist to have a collabo with?I just did. It was Krazie G.

International artist to have a collabo with? A.K.A

Dream continent to perform:Europe.

Dream holiday destination: Amsterdam

Dream car: Audi


What makes you unique?

  • Being me. If you’re not yourself then you’re not unique.

New year resolutions 2019?

  • Make more music and go beyond borders.

Can one take Malawi urban music as a serious career (just like the way it is in other countries)?

  • With proper branding and financial management, yes. I know people that are depending on music and are not even big enough on the urban music scene.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

  • That’s the beauty of it. You get to crack the punch line of the whole story.

How do you deal with performance anxiety?

  • All the damn time. I mean ALL THE TIME but when I hear the crowd my mind is at peace.


Most memorable moment in life as an artist? Performing with a live band at Lake Of Stars and getting paid for it. Yeah. That felt really good.


How do you describe yourself?Music

Malawi urban music;Growing (though at a snail’s pace)


Your reaction to Anatha song by Seven-0-More?Reminded me of myself when I was coming up. The passion, the fun and the feeling you get that you can get at anyone. That’s the golden stage. Use it, but use it wisely.

How do you rate your music?I leave that to the people.

Artist you grew up listening to?Michael Jackson

A song that describes your childhood?Thriller

A song you listen to when happy? Happy by Pharel Williams

How will life without music be like to you? I would be somebody else but I am music, that’s why we here talking.

Three things you can’t travel without?God, music and my bottle .lol

Social media handles

  • Facebook;Classick265
  • Twitter;@classick_iam
  • Instagram;@classick_im



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