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Urban gospel music continues making rounds in the country’s music industry. Day in day out, various secular artists are trekking to gospel; still dishing out the best out of their selves.

Song bird, Angie, is one of those gifted youngsters who is making it big in the industry.

EM’s Lawrence Nachipo had an interaction with her so as to bring her er to you. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Angie’s profile.

Profile by Lawrence Nachipo


Personal details:

  • Birth name: Angella anna Tivalenji
  • Date of Birth; 18/11/1997
  • Favourite food; nsima with beans and nkhwani otendera
  • Record label; 360 visuals
  • Favourite colour; black
  • Single, or taken? Single
  • City of residence: chikwawa
  • Apart from music, what do you do for a living? Im a nurse by profession but not working currently
  • Music genre: r n b


  • Origin of music passion: well i started in a choir back then when i was 4/5yrs old. I could also sing at home with my father because he is a music person too. I guess it runs in the blood.
  • First professional song: chikondi
  • First professional producer: Tricky beats
  • First collabo; barry one ft kelvin sings n angie-tingololerana
  • First live performance: 2015 on a social weekend at KCN



  • Best producer you’ve ever worked with; DJ Maas
  • Favourite local urban artist: saxess
  • Your all time female local M-Dubz urban artist: late Grace chinga
  • Favourite female local TV presenter: cynthia zonde
  • Favourite male local TV presenter: Lunar mpinganjira
  • Favourite radio DJ: joy nathu
  • Hottest female urban music artist currently (in Malawi): Chigo
  • Best friend musically; i would say shammah vocals because we usually get to talk about music, share ideas and help each other out on some things concerning music
  • Favourite drink: orange squash
  • Pastime activities: im usually on my phone texting, if not then maybe taking a walk with friends, watch tv sometimes


  • L City or BTz, which city is calling the shots, musically? I think LLz
  • What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever encountered as an artist: i dont remember any embarrassing moment
  • The most memorable moment? As a gospel artist, every time i get to sing for people is memorable to me. Getting offstage with that hope that you have healed someone or a soul has been saved because of your music.
  • What do you think needs to be done to promote urban gospel music industry in Malawi? Gospel artists themselves should be about spreading the gospel and winning souls, they should b able to go places ministering through music without evn thinking of what they would gain from doing that. It is Gods work, and God Himself will promote the industry if its faithful to him.
  • As a female artist what do you think can be done to bring more ladies in the game? Well its not just about bringing more females to the game but do they have the talent? And with that talent do they have the passion? Because it’s all about how badly you want to do the thing you love… Also people should be willing to help females who have the potential without wanting benefits because that’s what pulls back a lot of females out there.



  • What motivates you every day you wake up? The fact that im alive and God has given me another chance
  • What’s your favourite chilling spot? Uuuhm home..
  • At first you were known as a secular artist, what made you to switch to gospel? Like i said i started in a choir, i have always been about God, and the first song i even composed was gospel. But then the time i decided to take music as a solo artist seriously i hd met people from the secular side so well i just jumped in too. But something inside wasnt satisfied, it wasnt me,
  • What pisses you most, as a person? Uuuhmmm being lied to, being taken advantage of.
  • Any exceptional talents minus singing? I write poems too, well, i can dance haha,
  • As a Gospel artist what do you do to be a good example to your fans? Well i dont live my life hoping to be an example to someone, because i am human and i am not perfect but then its just a matter of one practicing what he or she preaches.


  • Dream holiday destination: eeeh i have never really thought of this but i wouldn’t mind going anywhere in America
  • Dream car: juke
  • Which local urban musician would you want to have a collabo with? Shammah vocalz
  • What about internationally? Ada
  • Where would you want to perform live? Anywhere in South Africa
  • Which artist would you want to share a stage with? Ada
  • Which producer do you dream of working with, both locally and internationally? Sonye… Internationally im not sure.
  • What was your dream career as a child? To be a doctor



  • FACEBOOK ACCOUNT; Angella Tivalenji
  • INSTAGRAM; Angella Tivalenji



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