Young health workers in Malawi

An Ode To All Health Workers In Malawi


By Memory Moyo.

Mind you, we’re in the Covid 19 season. How many of us, Malawians, would risk our lives for some persons we hardly know? How many of us would even think of taking up that challenge?

Well, I know most of us wouldn’t; not even myself. However, in the wake of the New Corona virus in the country, there’s one group of people that’s been sacrificing its life so as to save Mother Malawi from the pangs of this disease; the health workers.

These are the men and women who are on the frontline combating this virus day and night. We all know how feeble our health care system is. But that hasn’t stopped our noble ladies and gentlemen from operating their duties (to the best of their abilities) to ensure Malawi is safer, from the virus.

In this trying season of Covid 19, there’s no better true friend that all health workers in Malawi. These are the people who are defying the “stay at home rule” for our own good. These are the people who are tirelessly working every second of the 24-hour clock to ensure our health care system is working efficiently and effectively to ensure many a life is saved.  

It’s so unfortunate that in Malawi, this life saving field is not ably appreciated. If there’s one profession that needs all the respect it deserved, then the health sector should be it. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation, so goes the adage. Covid 19 has re-emphasised the common knowledge in Malawi that it’s high time our healthy system is transformed. Remember that sit-in staged by our healthy workers during the dawn of Covid 19 in the country? Every sane Malawian knows how vital this field is to the socio-economic development of Mother Malawi. And every sane Malawian as well knows that nothing can qualify to be a “thank you” to our patriotic health workers for the positive gesture they’ve displayed in combating corona virus. I feel appreciating their honorable roles in fighting corona virus, and indeed all other diseases in Malawi with words alone isn’t enough. I feel each one of us has a greater responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for them, to ensure they gain the respect they deserve as frontline combatants against unseen enemies in form of viruses, bacterias and other deadly pathogens.

It’s high time Malawians stood up and assisted our health workers to ensure they operate with all the necessary materials, mentally, and physically, to have a healthy nation for all.

To all our health workers in both rural and urban areas, take it from me and the entire Entertainment Malawi team, we owe you a standing ovation!! Words alone are not enough of how much you’ve bailed and have been bailing Malawi out of various deadly diseases.

Merci beaucoup Our Health Workers! You’re our heroes!



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