All smiles, as Rapper, Tida Case is set to engage his Love bird

and the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh. (Mark 10:8)

By Chifundo Zingunde.

For any die-hard of M-Dubz rap, the name TidaCase is more often than not, associated with roughness, be it beef or hardcore violent ghetto songs. If you think that is an under-statement, then listen to either Zimuvuta, or the famous Nyabwali__nyabwali, a collabo with AvoKado and Blaq Kid.

Listening to such songs over and over again, plus some not mentioned here, one would think this fearless artist has no room for romance. Wrong!

Ladies and gentlemen, Tidale Kamanga, stage name Tida Case is set to put an engagement ring on to the finger of his long time love bird, Medrina Mbesi Mchimbo on 11th November 2017 at Biwi Anglican Church grounds.

According to Tida Case, his ruthlessness acts musically cannot run away from true love as everything without love cannot work.

“Everybody has love in them; it is just a matter of time where you have to accept it and live love.” He elucidated.

The artist further added that love is the driving force for the world hence he had to follow suit.

“I can do anything for love but not for hate. In fact, love is the only thing that made us to be here. God created us with love, our parents raised us with love even my fans supports my music courtesy of love. So we don’t have to run away from love; we all need love” he explained.

Tidacase and his wife to be.

TidaCase recalls that his relocation to area to Area 22 from Kawale (Lilongwe) was his turning point as it was the time when he met Medrina.

The artist further describes their Love journey as a mixed bag and sign of perseverance from his fiancée.

“Just like any other love stories, our journey has been long with ups and downs but she’s always the strong one; always loving and caring no matter how hard it was.” Said Tida.

Meanwhile, TidaCase has promised his fans that his new lease of life will not affect his musical career.

“My Music life will not change anything. I’m still fearless and anything new I want to give to my fans, I will deliver”. Said the fearless Tida.

Although musically, he is to remain the same guy, his lifestyle is about to be transformed.

“There will be some changes in the way we party. I will not be same, since I’m becoming a family guy, I have to focus on things which will keep my family strong and loving”. Said Tidale.

Tida and Mendrina share the same faith in Christ, grown up in the same neighborhood and the two were best friends before issuing another level in their relationship.

Tidale Kamanga, 26 who studied Shipping and Logistics management is set to engage an accountant, Medrina Mbesi Mchimbo on 11th November at Biwi Anglican Ground.

EM TEAM is wishing you a glorious and prosperous life as you begin the new chapter in your life!!! 

Tida Case is set to engage his Love bird




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