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By Langson Kalua Junior

Organizers of Tiwale Arts festival, a project under Kuwala creatives says all is set for  the event which is scheduled to take place at Flood, opposite Lilongwe city Mall on Saturday May 4.

Tiwale Arts Festival Project coordinator Dennis Imaan said, the Festival is a free music show aimed at bringing awareness of the dangers of abduction and killings of people with albinisms as well as launching a campaign called “Creatives stand for Albinism”.

“Apart from entertaining people, the festival will also provide awareness and  condemning the activities of some people who are continuing abducting and killing people with albinisms, this is worrisome development to Malawi,” said Imaan.

He adds: “from outside our country, many know us that we are a warm heart of Africa, we feel it is good to launch this campaign so that a lot of people will be able to know dangers of  this malpractice and we believe through music, art exhibitions, and drama, our message will pass easily.”

Imaani said the festival is bringing together 30 acts and people will experience exceptional music performances, food and art exhibitions.

“Through the project, we want to build the capacity of young talented creative activists who are currently producing content/work that aims to show alternative viewpoints on issue of albino killings and their content/work will enhance public debate on concrete solutions to the myths and misconception surrounding the condition of albinism,” he said.

The festival which is being sponsored by Hivos will see artists like Suffix, Kim of Diamonds, Kelvin Sings, Marumbo, Amy Macy, Lucent the violist, Zathu band, Taquaa, Zaluso band and many more performing at the show.

One of the artists on the menu, Kim of Diamonds said she is prepared to give people the best of her.

“I am more than prepared to give the best performance at the festival. We as artists need to be at the forefront of condemning this activity of abducting and killings of Albinos. We all know that we are one people and skin complexion cannot separate us from each other, let’s show our friends that Malawi is for everyone and good place to stay,” said she.

Started last year, Kuwala Creatives is a talent agency that is training and managing various young talents locally.



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