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ALINAFE KAMSESA; Modelling made simple


Meet Alinafe Kamsesa, another rare gem who is making it big in the modeling industry. To him, modelling is all about being confident and pessimistic about one’s looks and character. To him, modelling is a symbol of self-belief. To Alinafe, modelling is a social-marketing tool that can be used to transform the country in various endeavors.

Born on the 14th of September 1992, Alinafe’s version of venturing into the modelling industry is somehow fascinating.

So, let us get to know more about Alinafe Kamsesa’s glittering modelling career as narrated by Gibson C Kamanga.

Origin of the modelling passion

Unlike other models who have been featured on this column, Alinafe’s entry into the world of modelling is rather interesting. All along, he had no passion for the industry. It was one normal day that really marked the genesis of Nafe into the modelling field.

He was on a jolly walk in the capital city when a fashion scout got interested in him. Of course, Nafe by then, was unaware of what was going on. The said agent went ahead and got Nafe’s details via the latter’s friend.

After some time, the agent persuaded Alinafe to try his luck in modelling as “he had features of a model”. The former convinced the latter of the opportunities associated with the industry. Later on, he (Nafe) got evaluated by a professional modelling agent. The rest, as they say, is history.

Alinafe Kamsesa

Academic journey

Alinafe is not your everyday model. He has some ink in his brain. Currently, he holds a Certificate in Financial Accounting, and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management (ABE).

Attributes of an authentic model

To Nafe, models are supposed to be very active; they need to be constantly checking on their bodies as the industry is more about the physical outlook. For him, a model needs to frequently take snapshots so as to assess their selves. That aside, having more snap shots of oneself is an easier way of marketing your modelling prowess to potential clients.

Clientele of models

To Alinafe, the clientele for models is diverse. For example, modelling in the fashion world works in promoting clothes and accessories to fashion buyers for major stores. The media also needs models, photography, and the like. In short, according to Nafe, the world cannot exist without the modelling industry.

Secret to successful modelling

Just like any field, modelling also has some unwritten ethics. Alinafe is of the view that models need to be disciplined for it is their work ethic that would easily entice or put off potential clients. For example, when a model is at a certain modelling ceremony, it is ideal to check one’s conduct.

“We need to be handling ourselves properly. Don’t show you have a good life than the rest…just go there to work…Punctuality in these events is also of paramount importance. Never give your organizers some headache,” he advises.

Is modelling that rewarding in Malawi?

To Alinafe, every field is rewarding; so too is modelling. Modelling is rewarding depending on how one built their brand as models.

“Be the one everyone is working with; the more jobs you book, the fatter the wallet,” he says. more money to make

Challenges in Malawian modelling industry

Modelling has got a variety of challenges, depending on one’s areas of expertise, so says Alinafe. The basic modelling problem in Malawi, according to him, is minute financial returns at the end of some tiresome works for models, at times.

Not only that, Alinafe has also observed that modelling requires somebody who is physically fit as it involves long hours of standing, and massive exercises to keep oneself in shape. Simply put, modelling, from Nafe’s world, is not a game for those who despise physical exercises.

Equally challenging is that professional models always have to check on what goes on in their stomachs. Strict adherence to ‘proper’ diets are a prerequisite to a successful modelling career as food also dictates one’s outward appearance.

Alinafe Kamsesa

Male modelling?

To Nafe, it was all easy, and it is easy for a male model to make it in this industry. Traditionally, modelling has always been associated with females so breaking into the modelling industry as a male is a bit easier. This is so because male models don’t have to meet the same rigid physical requirements all the time and can work for many years, unlike their female counterparts.

Message to aspiring models

Alinafe advises aspiring models to always research and understand what modelling is all about. He warns fellow youths to guard against joining the band wagon without properly understand what a particular field is all about. the modelling industry is obsessed with the youth, and so much more than just looking cute…the biggest mistake that aspiring Malawian youth can make is “not doing the research”

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