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Produces first ever 4K Movie in Malawi


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Talk of extraordinary, young, gifted, scintillating and of course mind-blowing video production firms in the country, then Afritrix should be among the list.

AFRITRIX is on the road with what can be described, without doubt, to be a bomb to surpass the local box office statistics; call it blockbuster – FISH.

“Fish is a short film – one of our many projects that we have on our journey to making a feature film. It is a story about a fisherman.”

Khama Mbaula, who directed and produced the movie, also adds that this new production is a surprise; “the storyline… everything else is a surprise.”

Adds he, “the cast to the movie, Fish has changed a bit,” according to Mbaula; as “auditions were held for the new cast team, who worked together with actors starring in AFRITRIX’ other production, Moyo Wathu drama series.”

Khama Mbaula

In addition, Mbaula as a producer says the making of FISH has been a new experience in a whole lot of ways in comparison with his previous work in terms of almost the whole production process.

“The difference between FISH and my other productions is that Fish is a short film, which means that it’ll look like a movie while Moyo Wathu, and Letters from the future are TV (Series) which follow a different style of production therefore watching shall feel like you are watching a movie, “he predicts.

Marketing and release dates

Marketing a film is a big problem in Malawi, and so to resolve this challenge, Mbaula reiterates that the film so far has been financed by AFRITRIX Pictures alone and hence they will use their ‘social media platforms to market the film’ while they try to get various partners on board to make the campaign bigger.

That aside, AFRITRIX is set to submit the film to various international film festivals and see “if they may be lucky to get nominations or awards.”

With that, film fanatics countrywide have to eagerly follow Afritix’s social media pages and other credible pages for the actual release dates.

Plans are also underway to have a double launch.

“We are also planning for screenings of which shall be a double screening of the Fish short film and the Moyo Wathu series which is also under production at the moment,’’ confirms Mbaula.

Afritrix team in action

Why Buy Fish????

Fish is the first Film to be shot in 4K resolution which means it is one of the highest production output quality films in Malawi.

After visiting AFRITRIX Studios, EM crew also reported how this film is going to break records in as far as film making is concerned in Malawi.

“For those who know what High definition (HD) is, they should expect to view a better looking picture in this film.” He reveals.

On AFRITRIX’S’s future after fish Mbaula sheds more light that they will continue with the Moyo Wathu series and another series which shall be revealed in the near future.

“We are here to stay and provide good content for our local and international audience. We are also going to make feature films in future as well documentaries.,” said he.

Meanwhile Mbaula expressed in simple terms that for those who may need AFRITRIX services, they can contact them through EM or their social media pages.

“We look forward to receiving support from the general public, the media, government and other stakeholders in our endeavors to make our film industry great.” He explained.

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