By Yamikani Bwanali

College life. On a good day, this is a place where futures are created. Unfortunately, this is also the place where one can break their future in an instant as well. This is why it is important for college students to properly handle their lives for once you mess up, the consequences could be so catastrophic. So, without much ado, let us look at some of the methodologies you and I, need to follow for a successful college life.

Firstly, know the purpose of being at the college. This may look simple as you may feel that you are old enough to know why you are in the corridors. However, being focused can remind you of your goals that you would like to achieve. Such a knowledge can also give you confidence and hard working.

Secondly, having been at both primary and secondary schools, you should be more knowledgeable enough to know that any institution of higher learning has got its own rules and regulations. Observing the do’s and don’ts of the institution is not only paramount but also the gate-pass to your blissful future. The same respect you give to your parents or guardians must always be the same respect you must provide to your lecturers as well. Charity begins at home so please always humble yourself by following rules and regulations of your respective academic institutions.

Time management is another key feature for a blissful college life. Remember time lost is never regained so proper time management will always help you to do right things at a right time and place because when you plan your time, you use it accordingly. Proper time management entails that you will not waste your time for useless things which will yield nothing at the end. For example, if it is time for classes you will be in class and if your time tells you to study as planned by you, you will always do that hence achieving a successful college life.

Furthermore, being a lazy bone is an enemy to college life. Your future begins with your being smart when it comes to curricular and extracurricular activities. How can you make it if you keep on absconding classes, let alone missing class assignments? You don’t need to be reminded of how crucial class exercises are to your life as a college student, let alone as a would-be professional.

Lastly, negative peer pressure is another recipe for disaster as far as college life is concerned. Be true to yourself and don’t be a copycat who cannot stand by their own principles. Have principles and jealously guard against them. Being Yamikani Bwanali, I must always act like me not because my friend Joyce Gondwe is doing negative thing I must follow that. Never! It is my duty to guide her so as not to go astray.

Well, I can go on pouring cans of advice to college students on some of the survival tactics whilst at their respective academic institution but I feel I need to call it quits for now. Hopefully, you’ve gathered one or two insights. Well, I wish you a great success and may God be with you throughout your academic life.



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