By Miss Thando

Well, I’m back. I went on a vacation, you know exploring the world! So much’s been happenin…and there’s this one thing that caught my attention. and while I was away something got my attention. It’s really pathetic. I realized that most of us ladies are dating ourselves and yet we claim to be in relationships. Y’all really like posting your man and all, trying to prove a point to us, a point that’s not even there.

I know some of you say posting each other on social media doesn’t prove a thing blablabla…well, that’s a menu for another day.

So, as I said, when I was away some things got my attention, social media aside.

I met this really pretty lady, she had a cute ring on her finger. We talked for some time, and because I like asking questions, I didn’t spare this lady my questions. I asked her when she was getting married but she told me she had no idea, because the fiancé, the guy she’s engaged with stopped talking about it. I was really sad after hearing that.

Come to think of this, she has been engaged for four years and the guy stopped talking about marriage. Four years down the line, no sign or rumors about marriage but she still has a ring on her finger…really? Why exactly?

After my conversation with her, I realized that there are a lot of us out here who are in situation-ships and NOT relationships. We share the same story with this lady. We are busy advertising men that do not advertise us. I mean love is a two-way thing. Whether married, engaged, or not, you need to feel loved. I mean, it’s really cute when your man talks about you and brags about you a lot.

Well, honestly I don’t see the point of keeping an engagement ring on your finger for four years when it’s clear that there’s no future.

One thing that you don’t wanna do though, is to challenge this guy. Take it easy, talk to him and ask what his plans are otherwise you can’t be advertising for a company that ain’t paying you. It simply shows he is not ready or you are not the one. I mean are you engaged to yourself or what? C’mon babe girl, get rid of that ring you are blocking potential men.

Most of us are in relationships that are kept like secret agencies. Someone can’t be telling you he loves you like some precious gold while your relationship is being hidden like a bag of weed. It doesn’t make sense to me. Not at all. We are all grown-ups let’s not waste each other’s time.

You always sneak into his house, he doesn’t want people to know you have a thing going on between you two, all in the name of privacy. Really now privacy?

If you ask me, I wouldn’t advertise a man who is not happy to be with me. It simply means he is not ready. Why should you miss chances because of someone who doesn’t deserve you even?

I believe as women, we are not destined for less my dear ladies. Do not let anyone make you feel less of a woman. Y’all busy creating your destinies and settling for less. You are more than that. Open your eyes, there are men that will make you feel like a woman, give you what you deserve not these CIA agents. So sweethearts never ever advertise a man who is not advertising you.

I know it really sounds cool when you tell people you are taken but please don’t be taken for granted.



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