…………..set to release ‘Good Life’ song on Monday, the 26th of June 2017

By Justin MKWEU.

Legendary M-Dubz rapper, Abambo AB is set to release a rhetoric hit, Good Life, which is expected to hit the airwaves on Monday, the 26th June 2017.

The lyrically rich tune requires more than just an average ear to understand the hidden meaning. To an average listener, Good Life, is all about merry-making and revelries that typically defines a youthful uptown Malawian during summer.

But that is not technically the case. According to AB, the song is a reminiscent of some of M-Dubz music’s fallen heroes, and also those that are still keeping music real in M-dubz

Abambo AB

“The song is about carrying on and seeing the silver lining in every grey cloud. It’s about honouring the homies like Frank CN who have gone before us. On this track I am celebrating my brothers (the homies) and soldiers like Revolver who were still pushing and keeping up the good fight.

But if you listen to the song you probably won’t be able to hear all that because it’s quiet a happy song. It’s a happy song because it’s about remaining positive through whatever circumstances we go through and remaining strong through it all.” Clarifies AB.

Good Life has even been made better with the voice of another legend, Barry Uno, and the golden voice of Malawian Boy, Dan Lu on the hook. And according to AB, natural selection solved the selection process.

“Truth be told, when I started working on it, things were just falling into place and it felt like Barry Uno was ideal for the song. Dan Lu actually just found us recording the song and we felt like it was missing something soulful that he could add on to the track”, revealed the Move Yosimphina star.

“These are the guys whose vocal cords fitted perfectly with the dictates of the song. They ‘re just supposed to be in this song,” adds he.

Meanwhile, Ulimbo Entertainment, (the firm that manages Abambo AB) through its manager, Brian G Brainz Simbeye, says all is set to release Good Life come Monday.

Brian G Brainz Simbeye

“People should just keep their eyes and ears wide open to sample the song on Monday and we’re very sure they’re going to like it. We’re also planning to shoot a music video on the same this coming month (July), so just be on the lookout,” says he.

GOOD LIFE, produced by Stich Fray and mastered by Sonyezo is a second song of Abambo AB’s come back after Chikutumbwe, which was released a couple of months ago.

Good Life | Artwork

The song is also going to be available on this website on that date. Keep on the lookout!



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