A Long wait to have My Winnie


By Dunford Jnr

Dear Diary,

Today my mind has been wandering on this rather sweet feeling. Well, it’s not a feeling per say, it’s an imagination of some sort. Tell you what? Of late, I’ve been having this sweet imagination rocking all over my mind.

Those around me have been telling me I’m losing my mind of late. I remember, my old friend Gibson persistently has been labeling me a lemur, worshiping the sun. Honestly, I’ve no idea what that description meant. After all, this friend of mine is always hard to understand.

Anyway, enough of that. But hey! I’ve a story to tell you. A juicy one!

Dear Dee, you can agree with me that it’s very rare for a man, a Malawian man to keep on chasing a beauty queen for years. Some do it only for few days and then off they go. They call it a “move on” move. After all, there are more millions of girls on this land than are males. To me however, the situation is slightly different, if not totally different. There’s this hot chic I’d been chasing for the past 15 years. Yes! You heard me correctly. Fifteen God-damned years? Yeah! 15.

Her name is Winnie.

We first bumped into each other when I was 9 or 10-ish. It was during a Christmas party. We were both waiting to light candles for Santa. Out of the multitudes, my eyes spotted some beautiful sight. The sight of some petite angelic figure. The moment our eyes locked, I knew I’d found my life-partner. Don’t laugh, My friend. I really felt this was the one to commit a future with.

From that moment, all I ever wanted was her and her alone. Winnie. That was her name. Gorgeous. Chubby cheeks, slender and light in complexion. That was all I needed for my Christmas. Mr Cruz, AKA Father Christmas could mind his business as all my mind was now focused on this goldmine at a distance from me.

True, I might have been young to deduce a true feeling of love, but I’d to say to my own soul “how I wish I was Daddy and she was Mummy!” Unfortunately, that was the best I could’ve done then. Of course, there’s no way I could’ve tried my luck. Not yet. My mind was so fragile that it couldn’t withstand  the kicks of a butterfly.

In a flash of light, like a sun kissing a sea, the event waved its hand. Christmas was gone. Well, it was one of the best memories I’ve ever had.

Years passed and we never communicated again. But then, this very last year, I was in contact with the goddess again! You can guess my feelings! 

I am no singer, but Dear Diary,  the few encounters I’ve ever had with musicians, love feelings within me forced me to compose some song for her. Crazy moments of high school children chitchats. The lyrics went something like…

I will work hard untill she says yes//

About the hiccups I will mind less//

Until Winnie is mine, mine mine will always be//

Hahahah!  Dear Diary, like I said, I’m no lyricist, skip……..  flip flopping to recent weeks, I gathered and dropped what’s been in my chest for the past fifteen years. How I’d been laboring keeping that hefty package for all that long?  I also told her how hopeful I’d been that come what may, I was going to be with her again.

Emptying my chest wasn’t that easy…and then I waited for her response.

She said she was going to come back in a day or two so she could consult her medulla about the proposal.  The way she was shyly smiling at me, I knew I had made it. I was so hopeful.

A day elapsed. No response.

Cometh the second day, my WhatsApp notified me of a text. “She said NO!”

Man, you can imagine how I felt!! Why did she give me those false hopes? I mean why?? It was the lowest point in my life! I felt like crap!  

So many questions struck me. “Why does love behave like a see-saw?” why do other people find pleasure in breaking others’ hearts? Why do people you love don’t return the favour?

But why?

Fast forward to this last night. I received a call from some new number. The voice on the other end was unmistakable. Winnie.

Wanna explain more?

Winnie is mine!!! Imagine! Imagine she saying what she did a couple of weeks ago was just to hype our camaraderie. Imagine her saying she’s been having a similar feel for me for all those years too. But why wasn’t she expressing it to me so I couldn’t have labored to get her?

Dear Diary, I don’t need responses to all those questions. I’m glad Winnie is mine. Patience really pays. I’m the living testimony, I learnt my lesson in a hard way. With Winnie, we shall live  to tell our story at alter……



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