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By Duncan Kaonga Jnr

Every year the world pays tribute to people who died, and are fighting against HIV/AIDS on 1st December, World AIDS Day. This year as one way will be commemorating the day, one non-governmental organization known as Nest Foundation has joined the bandwagon to fight against the disease and bail out the victims with social support.

Nest Foundation has organized a fundraising Aerobics activity on Sunday (Worlds Aids day) at Kamuzu stadium from 6 to 8 am with the motive of raising funds for the guardians and people living with HIV and AIDS.

Speaking with Entertainment Malawi, Co-founder of Nest Foundation Wongani Kamanga said they came up with this initiative looking at the welfare of the patients and also wanted people to have access to free HIV and AIDS testing to know their status.

“We want to promote physical fitness through aerobics, we all know that being fit enhances the development of the nation because it is healthy and fit people who are more active and hence more protective, we have partnered with MACRO in older for them to provide free HIV and AIDS testing and counselling,” She said. 

Kamanga also bemoaned the challenges which people living with HIV and AIDS face in the country and has called various stakeholders to work on addressing the issue at hand.

“There are so many challenges that people face which include poverty, communication barrier, and discrimination, so people have no access to good medical care because of poverty in the rural areas people travel long distances in search of medical attention hence they don’t find it hard to go for treatment.” She said

“And this came to be addressed if there can be the provision of public education and more campaign awareness and also providing and by dealing with health inequalities through the provision of equal access to medical staff and professionals in both rural and urban health facilities and supplying drugs in all health centres in the country.” She explained.

The foundation in collaboration with other organizations such as Inspire Marketing Group, Rehabilitation Hope and Girls Network have targeted to raise an amount of 600 thousand kwacha in order to reach out to 50 beneficiaries which have been identified from Limbe central ward who were identified through the assessment which shows that they lack basic needs which have prompted them to reach out to the people at Limbe ward.

Not only does the project involve the middle age and adults, but it also urges the youth to take part as they are leaders of tomorrow, and help them to be productive citizens as they are also a vulnerable group in the country.

“Our main target is also for the youth to get to know their status if all youths are to be part of the healthy talk and the counselling services I am sure that a number of the youths will be saved,” Kamanga said.

During the day apart from aerobics, there will be other activities like Health talk by Macron, Alliance Global and Rehabilitation Hope.



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