The chairperson for BTAM, Prudence Dziopani



By Sozo Kaperemera

Artists, painters in particular in Blantyre can now breathe a sigh of relief as new pioneers of art have emerged to rescue their talent and give them a platform to realize their dreams.

On the 25th August this year, there will be a launch of a movement which will be trading as Blantyre Arts Movement (BTAM) which will eye to bring positive and progressive change in the country’s art industry.

Speaking with EM, chairperson for the Movement, Prudence Dziopani said her movement encompasses all forms of art and is aiming at giving a platform to up and coming and prominent artists.

“We want to give a platform to artists to develop their talent further at the same time sensitizing the local minds about their livelihoods,” said Dziopani.

Dziopani added that BTAM is aiming at changing the welfare of artists in the country.

“We also aim at changing the welfare of artists such that they benefit financially from their work without any hindering conditions attached to their work,” she said.

Once launched, BTAM will embark on several projects and workshops to help member-artists develop their skills and be more creative.

Among the projects to be put in place will be helping artists to not only depend on painting to make a living but also do other income generating activities for the betterment of their lives.

The chairperson further revealed that The Movement is going to set a standard margin for the pricing of the paintings that no piece will be sold cheaply.

“We are going to conduct to conduct exhibitions where the artists will only have to contribute a small fee as exhibition contribution and no commission will be taken from the sale,” Dziopani said.

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