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54 years of despair for Malawian Soccer


……………………. Women too need a hand

By Chifundo Zingunde (The Attacking Goalkeeper)

The beloved Malawi, on 6th July, 2018 celebrated her 54th birthday. Yours truly (AG) was in tears when he saw the waving flag; as usual from the terraces but this time he was up north at the bumpy Mzuzu stadium.

The tears, yours truly shed were of nothing but agony, and shame. At 54, one would have thought the birthday boy might have metamorphosed into a fully matured adult who could steer the ship to greater height, but alas! That’s not the case with Malawian soccer.

At 54, Malawian soccer is still in shambles. At 54, there’s almost nothing that can bring a glimmer of hope to the already hapless soccer loving fraternity. As a seasoned soccer pundit, I know there are a lot of contributing factors but I’ll just highlight a few.

  1. Weaker grassroot development

Soccer developments involves a lot. Grass root football has been given a cold shoulder for ages. It’s high time we invested more in grass root soccer if we’re to move forward.

  1. Political will: we are driven by politicians, yes! We need them too in boosting our beloved game. The past 54 years generally, has seen minimal political will to develop soccer, and sports in general. On a positive note however, kudos should go to the current government administration for intensifying sports infrastructure development by constructing district stadiums.
  2. Sick club administration

It’s high time our soccer administrators realized that soccer, just like academics, needs some updated tactics. Running a club like you’re running your family is not only pathetic but also counter-development to the game.

Coaches too, need to be updating their knowledge bank about the game year in year out. Using old school tactics to groom players can’t add quality to Malawian soccer.

Whither women’s football

Does somebody really care about women football in the country? At 54, we’re yet to have our own established league for our ladies. How can we develop with such a scenario? We have talent in this sector. The Chawinga sisters have already proven that to us. We do know for sure that we have more Chawingas in our locales but in the absence of well-established leagues, how are we going to unearth thenext Chawingas?

Maybe poet, Robert Chiwamba was right to say “Amene anatilodzayo ndimfitidi.” Anyway, 54 years of pain are gone, we can make the next 54 years glitter if we join hands. Together we can! God Bless Mother Malawi! Happy 54th birthday!



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