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By Love T. Msoso

22 year old beauty Princess, Summayah Fidess says her newly crowned Miss Malawi Cape Town (2018) is the genesis of her professional entry into the modelling world.

Summayah, originally from Dowa, and a holder of a Malawi School’s Certificate Of Education said it had always been her dream to be a professional model but other factors had been delaying her entry.

“I’ve always seen myself as someone who is fit for modeling and capable of winning a beauty contest hence when I came to Cape Town and heard about the competition I decided to give it a try  and here I am, ” she said.

Interestingly, Summayah, originally from Dowa, won the competition in Cape Town for just 3 months.

“I came to South Africa in June 2018 and stayed in Jo’burg for 3 months, I then moved to Cape Town where I heard there was a competition and I decided to go for the auditions,” she explained.

Summayah further explained that despite having the confidence that she could win, she did not believe it when her name was called out as the new Miss Malawi Cape Town, as there was stiff competition.  

“When I went to contest and saw the number of people who were there, I concluded that I was not going to make it. There were other ladies who were even older than me. Of course, I was putting myself as first or second princess but not as MMCT but all in all I thank God I have won and I am so excited, ” she narrated.

The new Miss Malawi Cape Town said her secret was very simple, she ignored whatever that people said and at the end of the day, she saw herself being victorious.

“When you go for competitions like this one, people will always talk. They will say things to discourage you and trust me the time I was contesting people were talking but I ignored everything else and that’s why I managed to win. “

“Even after Winning people still talked saying a lot of bad things but I ignored and am still ignoring all the negative energy as I am concentrating on my new post as Miss Malawi Cape Town 2018,” she explained.

It has always been her dream to help the needy including orphans and street kids in Malawi and winning this title is just another helping hand in making her dream come true.

“I want to help the needy in Malawi as well as Malawians in need based in South Africa. It has always been something close to my heart to help the needy so when I won this title I decided to make my dreams come true via this title,” she said.

The beauty queen went further to advise other people who have the passion for  modeling to come and contest in Miss Malawi Cape Town 2019. She also urged people to remove the bad attitude tht a lot of people have towards modeling and beauty contests.

“To all those who think have got what it takes to contest in MMCT 2019, I want to encourage you to come and contest. And to everyone else who connects modeling with bad behaviors I want to plead with you to remove all the negative attitude towards modeling and start viewing it  from a different angle, ” she pleaded.

Summayah also thanked the organizers for a great show and urged them to keep up the good work.



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