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2018 A YEAR OF BUILDING BRANDS – Aggie Likongwe


By Thecla Thando.

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live,” Anne Sweeney

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Oprah Winfrey

As we continuing giving you Boss ladies who will inspire as well as motivate you, this week let’s go through the life of Agness Likongwe, a 24-year-old entrepreneur who chose a different path of eking a living. Instead of being employed, she opted to be her own boss. She employed herself.

Aggie traces her passion for entrepreneurship from way back. Unlike other ladies, other Malawian ladies around, Aggie had developed her passion for financial independence from way back.

“I’ve always wanted to be my own boss. I know a lot of youths think that once you finish college then you have to get employed at some company and all. Well I guess am a different breed because ever since I was young I have always had the desire to be my own boss hence I decided to start up my modeling agency. I’m not against jobs though; but I just believe in self-employment,” said Aggie.

Agness Likongwe is the founder of Singing Stone Modeling Agency, one of the well-known modeling agency in the capital city of Malawi.

Aggie Likongwe

As I continued to chat with this young entrepreneur I really wanted to know how she started from zero to where she is now. I also noticed that her passion for modelling and love for good things is another thing that made her venture into this businesss.

“I believe in doing what excites you. I love modelling, I love fashion, I love good things. Above all, I believe in starting with the little you have. I really didn’t have much when I decided to start up this modeling agency but I had conviction that I was going to make it,” she recalls

Growing up in a family with aunties and big sisters who also love fashion and her love for television also made Aggie’s passion for fashion and modelling to grow even stronger.

“Well I grew up in a family where my aunties and my big sisters are also a fun of good clothes and fashion. This also made me to love fashion and modeling even more. I also watch TV a lot so I really learn something new every time I watch TV and this has also contributed to my life as an entrepreneur,” she said.

Aggie further explained that she decided to come up with this agency as another way of creating job opportunities for other youths who are just staying idle.

” I started modelling in 2013 and after three years of modeling I decided to start my own thing that is when in 2017 I decided to come up with this agency with the aim of creating a job for someone else.” She explained.

Aggie also acknowledge her family for the support and her dad as another pillar for her success.

“My family has always been here for me I guess they believe in. My dad is another motivation. He really supports my business, my entire family has always been be behind my back,” she narrated.

Agness Likongwe who deceives herself in four simple words as being beautiful, strong, fearless and ambitious, did not deny the fact that there were moments she had almost threw in the towel, but her willpower reigned supreme.

“There are many times that I had wanted to give up. My love for entertainment and pretty things made me to still move forward. As I said earlier on I believe in using my passion to turn my likes into a money making machine while impacting lives. So each time I wanted to give up, I thought of the lives that will suffer as a result of my failure, and behold here I am now,” she explained.

One thing that really quote my attention and I liked as our chat proceeded is the motto that Aggie uses. She goes with the saying “#Team Bulging Brands” and I really wanted to know what this all means.

“It’s just a slogan I like saying. I believe in budding brands rather than relationships. I know a lot of ladies like talking and worrying about boyfriends and relationships so I came up with this slogan as to what if we stopped wasting our time on these relationships and start to build brands. I’m not against relationships thou but I believe relationships are part of life and aspirations. As for me, in 2018 I am building brands,” she narrated.

Aggie is one of those ladies who don’t talk about what they want to have in future say five years from now but rather talk about who they wanna be.

“Five years from now, I want to be a helping hand to up and coming entrepreneurs a loving mother and a wife lol. I don’t like talking about what things I want to have but rather what I want to be,” she said.

Aggie Likongwe


“Well, there are a number of challenges for example you don’t have so much support from people around you, people looking down on you trying to crush your spirit, not everyone I work with is as serious as I am but all in all, I always remember why I started and move on,” Said Aggie.


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The world needs you, your talents skills and ideas. Play your role, believe in yourself coz you have the potential.”

Aggie Likongwe



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