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By Gibson C Kamanga

She is just slightly above 20 years old, but she has developed a software, that if wholesomely adopted by the country’s legal firms, will ease a backlog of cases that has come to characterize the Malawi’s legal management industry.

Meet Faith Banda, a third year bachelor of Business Information Technology student at the National College of Information Technology who has developed a software called Legal Case Management system.

The software provides a repository of literary all of the legal firm’s cases in terms of creating, tracking, storing, and reviewing any related information. As Faith testifies, LCMS performs multi-functional tasks.

“The software handles such issues as appointments, tasks and deadlines, time billings, expenses, contacts and involved parties and what have you,” she reveals.

Origin of the software

Since her childhood, Faith had been harboring ambitions of being on the bar. However, fate was to have her final say; she found herself studying Information Technology.

Despite this twist of fate, Faith has always still been fascinated by the legal profession. She has always been curious with what happens within this noble profession. She observed that the legal profession was one of the busiest careers around.

As she attests, Faith always sympathized with those men and women in black and white.

“I observed how busy these people were, on a daily basis. So, when I looked at them, I visualized how busy I could’ve been had my childhood dream materialized. So I thought these people fight for us, so to make their workflow more efficient, they deserved something to simplify their work,” she reminisces.

Day in day out, she could think of the ways of easing the burden that these professionals on the bar encountered all year round. But she was yet to figure how…

Until she met ‘salvation’ at an unlikely place; a TV series called “Arrow”. For those who are avid fans of this series, there is one life-saving female character, Felicity, an IT (Information Technology guru) who uses her expertise to save humanity in various endeavors.

Though Arrow is just another of those motion picture pieces of fiction, the more Faith watched the movie, the more she started relating to her obscured vision of assisting the legal fraternity.

And then last year, 2017, became the metamorphosis of little Faith’s faith in her creativity as this was the year she gave birth to LCMS, the software that is poised to change the country’s legal industry forever.

“I didn’t mind that it (Arrows) was just a movie. I just believed that she (Felicity) was a reflection of rare IT (information technology) girls out there who can develop softwares that benefit the country… so I too, wanted to be one.”

So, when the clocked ticked, enough was more than necessary, the little Faith had faith in herself that she was to be a Malawian version of that movie character, Felicity.

Faith Banda

The motivation

She started developing this idea to a more practical step. With the insurmountable assistance from her brother in marriage, Chris Likomwa, himself a lawyer as well, Faith started actualizing her dream.

It was through Chris that Faith learnt all the tidbits of the legal profession.

“Chris (Likomwa) has been of much assistance to me. It’s through him that I’ve come to grasp the language of the legal profession, the problems they encounter etcetera. I owe him a lot,” she appreciates.

Sentiments from the legal fraternity

Having finished the software, Faith has been knocking onto various doors of revered legal firms so as to sample her creation. And the response has been awesome.

In a separate interview with EM, one of the country’s renowned lawyers, Lusungu Gondwe, whose firm, Ritz Attorneys, has been sampling the software, had nothing but good to say about LCMS.

“This is one of the greatest innovations for the country’s legal profession. If adopted, it can ease our work hence making us more efficient. That aside, it’s also going to minimize conflicts between lawyers and their clients as the software has in-built billing facility as well,” he recommends.

The security of the software

The system has an authentication for security purposes and it is for office use only so no one outside the organization can access it apart from specialized users of the law firm. This totally annihilate any chances of being tampered with by outsider users.

Of course, the sole responsibility of distributing LCMS rests in the hands of the sole proprietor, Faith Banda.

A Malawian version of Felicity?

Gone are the days when such technical courses like Information Technology belonged to the male folk. Faith Banda has just proved to the world that with determination and self-belief, anything is possible.

At only 20, Faith is already walking tall that females have the mantle of changing the country’s various spheres of life. To her, she feels it is high time other girls, and the women folk in general emulated from her exploits.

“People talk a lot about IT and women in general. They’ll always say that a girl can’t make it, blah blah blah! But well, I never listened to what people say but I opt to try. My feats can only be achieved through self-confidence; and that’s an incredible powerful way to neutralize self-sabotage that as a girl I can do anything,,,” She advises.


Faith is already dreaming big once she completes her tertiary studies. She wants to be her own boss.

“I want to open my own IT company ..Techlady IT Solutions and employ as many males as possible so all and sundry can appreciate that being a girl is no limitation.” She challenges.

Brief Bio

  • Date of Birth: 27th September 1997
  • Academic level: 3rd year Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  • Institution: National College of Information Technology

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